10 Things Mothers Need To Teach Their Daughters

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Mothers teach daughters

Childhood goes by so quickly.

When my first daughter was born I remember the long, sleepless nights and practically everyone telling me to enjoy it because she will be grown before I know it. Now that she is 14, I totally get it. It really does go by way too quickly. Now that I have three daughters I understand how limited our time together is and before long they will be off conquering the world! Here are 10 things mothers need to teach their daughters. Although I say mothers, I really mean parents. These lessons empower our daughters to be bold, strong and the best that they can be! 

1. Value yourself  You are priceless. Know that you are important. No one else can replace you. When you value yourself, you will recognize when someone does not value you or show you respect. If someone doesn’t know your value, don’t give them your time.

2. Know the basics of cooking and cleaning This is not a stereo type. You should know the basics of how to clean and cook. Whether living by yourself, with a roommate, husband, or family, you will be glad to have the skills of keeping your space clean and creating good and healthy meals for yourself and loved ones.

3. Dream big. You are capable of doing big things. Dream big about your life and what you want to do. Work hard and go for your dreams!

4. Different is beautiful We live in a society where different is not always accepted. Often different is labeled ugly or wrong. Don’t get sucked into that false mindset. Embrace what makes you different from all the rest.

5. Don’t be afraid to take a risk Women are often told they are not supposed to take risks or push the limits. You can. Don’t be afraid to try something new, take a risk, step out by faith. 

6. No one likes a drama queen Emotions are real, but don’t over dramatize your life. Cry, be angry, get happy, but don’t attempt to win the crown for drama queen.

7. Listen to your intuition. Learn to pay attention the little hairs that stand up on your neck, the gut feeling, the “voice” in the back of your head…. That “voice” can sometimes save you from a world of trouble and help make the right decisions.

8. Choose kindness over popularity every time. Sometimes it is not popular to do what is right. Always choose to show kindness and love no matter what everyone else is doing.  Kindness is always beautiful.

9. Don’t let anyone pressure you to do something you aren’t absolutely sure you want to do There will be lots of pressure from all kinds of people to do different things along your journey in life. Don’t be pressured to do anything. Know for certain that YOU want to participate or make a decision. Don’t do it for anyone else. Do it for you.

10. You are beautiful, strong and smart While we no longer live in a society where women are considered a “lesser sex”, there are still a few hurdles to leap when it comes to brains and brawn. It is a wonderful thing to be feminine, and at the same time strong and smart. There is no rule that you can’t be all three!

What else would you teach your daughter?

Heather Reese
the authorHeather Reese
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