10 Reasons Soft Socks Are Your Best Friend

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I love my Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks so much that I decided to write a whole post declaring my love to them. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gold Toe.
ten reasons soft socks are your best friend

I’m a sock person. I mean, I wear flip flops all the time when I’m out and about, but when I’m at home, it’s all about soft socks.

Some days I really think that my soft socks are my best friend. Once I put on these new Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks I knew that was true. They are affordable luxury for your feet and I have ten ways that will prove to you that they make awesome best friends.

1. When you slip them over your feet it’s like a HUGE hug… with no uncomfortable moment when you wonder who is going to let go first. These socks will never let go! You can wash them over and over and over and they are just as soft as the first time you wore them.

2. Soft socks don’t ask questions… they just offer support! They are beyond comfortable. Have a bad day? Slip these guys on and feel yourself relax!

gold toe

3. Feet feeling a bit cool? These are the perfect cool weather socks. They are soft and warm… just like a good BFF should be!

4. It’s hard getting up in the morning right? Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks make mornings better by helping to ease the change from bed to floor.

soft white socks

5. They are pretty. The gold at the toe makes them special too. 

6. They want to be your travel buddy… and nothing stops them from coming with you to the airport. Slip them on once you are on the plane and feel the softness!

7. They are also great for road trips! Nothing feels better than comfy feet when you are in the car for a long drive!

soft black socks

8. Don’t forget your real life best friend. They would love soft socks too! Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks make the perfect gift!

9. Black socks are all the rage right now. Make sure yours are Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks so that they are soft and not just the fashion color of the season. Your feet will thank you! 

10. These are the best socks for those with a busy life like me. They are so soft they feel like I’m wearing clouds on my feet. Not that I’ve ever actually felt a cloud, but you know what I mean. They are so soft! 

comfy soft socks

Be sure to visit Gold Toe’s social channels to learn more about these awesome Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks!

What is your favorite way to enjoy soft socks?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gold Toe.

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