10 Practical Tips All New Moms Need To Know

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Becoming a mom was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Today I’m sharing this sponsored post of 10 Practical Tips All New Moms Need To Know in partnership with FutureAdvisor.


You come home from the hospital with a brand new baby and then you think… now what?

I’ve done that three times and each time I thought the same thing “I get to take her home?” Really?! The first time I was a new mom and I was so excited, but just as equally scared! The second time I kept thinking “I’ve got this,” but then I realized I’d be the primary caregiver for two small humans and I regressed back to being a first time parent. The third time I was much older and I was running on pure happiness. I felt like I finally understood it all and started thinking in a much more practical way.

I learned so much each time I became a mom and I have a list of things for new moms to think about.

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1. Take all the help you are offered, especially if it is free. You won’t feel like doing it, but you will thank yourself later. If someone wants to bring you dinner say yes! Less to do means more quality time spent with your baby and more money in your pocket.

2. Birthdays should not make you go broke. Create a fun moment for your child. Don’t worry about buying a ton of gifts.

3. Buy a new camera. Take way too many pictures. Seriously take so many pictures that you even worry yourself. You will look back on these picture memories and be so happy you have so many! If you have a good camera you can take your own pictures and save money by limiting the number of professional pictures you have taken.

4. Experiences over things. Spend your money making memories instead of buying things. Also, babies and little ones don’t need much. Clothes, food, a place to sleep is about all. Forget about buying all the other “stuff.”

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5. Always choose the kids. There will always be work to do. There will always be other things that need to get done. Always choose spending time with your kids. There is time for the rest later. Plus spending time together costs nothing!

6. A spotless home is over rated. Your kids won’t remember a perfect home, what they will remember is the time you spent with them.

7. The little things are just that, little things. This is a big one! Life is too short and time goes by way too fast to worry about, or get upset about the little thing in life. Let them go!

8. Take time to take care of you. If you are sick go to the doctor. Get your hair cut. Go for a walk. When you take care of yourself you can take care of your family better!

9. Think practical over fancy when it comes to baby clothes. Kids get so messy… I fell victim to cute clothes and it didn’t take me long to realize that functional clothes were better than all the cute clothes in the world! Spend money on a “going home from the hospital” outfit and on special occasion outfits, the rest of the time think “economical” and “comfy”. Save your money for more important things.

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What advice would you give a new mom?

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  • Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. I try hard to enjoy every minute possible. They grow up too fast.

  • I totally agree with all 10 tips! Looking back, I wasted so much money on all the latest gadgets and gizmos I thought I couldn’t do without.

  • I love, love, love #4! My daughters still talk about all the awesome things we did together as a family when they were young (they are now in their 30s). But they can’t remember even a fraction of the toys or “things” they were given.

  • Experiences are definitely more important than things. It’s hard when you compare what your kids have to what other kids have, but they will remember experiences more.

    • We try to teach this to kiddo on a daily basis. Right now its hard because kiddo is 10 going on 16 and she’s acting out due to the custody situation and coming to terms with some things with her mom.

  • I wish I had known some of these when I first became a mom. I need to share this with my cousins who are becoming mothers soon!

  • Accepting help is one thing I wish I had done more of. I also offer help to parents of newborns. They need all that they can get!

  • Investing in a good camera is really a great tip! We are fortunate that in this generation, we don’t have to spend much money buying films and print pictures. Having digital versions of the pictures saves resources.

  • I agree, having a camera is key. But having the camera with you at all times is also a good tip – so you won’t miss a moment!

  • These are all great tips. My tip would be to sleep whenever the baby is sleeping.

  • These are pratical indeed!! I remember being a new mom and asking everyone so many questions…I always seemed to get the same answer….and nothing anyone ever said really stood out!

  • I always tell moms to take a lot of pictures. You will never regret having too many, but will regret not having enough!

  • Great things for all mothers to remember indeed. My house is never tidy – even when I’ve JUST tidied it. That’s just life with a toddler 🙂

  • This list is perfect! I love the part about how a spotless home is overrated. As a mom of 4 kids it probably is only spotless when the kids are asleep and whats that going to do for me when all of my guests and family members have treaded through the toys and coloring papers already earlier in the day.

  • We did the college thing early and believe you me it was worth it too. Those days got here before we knew what hit us, literally.

  • With my first child, I had tons of gorgeous and frilly clothing. It didn’t last long and didn’t get used frequently. I wised up by the second one & bought things that were more practical.

  • I was so lucky to have such great help with my children when they were babies. I would never turn down any help I could get.

  • All of these are a great tips. As for the free help, I think there also needs to be some lines established as well. When you have a MIL like mine, free help translates to an open door policy and that didn’t work out so well .

  • As an Old mom, I would tell new mom, ask an experienced mom for help or advice. I might not have dealt with babies/toddlers/young kids of my own recently, but my experience is still relevant!

  • this is a great list! I totally agree with you on the buying practical baby clothes for your kids and not going broke on their birthdays. Too many parents these days are trying to one-up each other and it needs to stop!

  • This is a great list! I am the firstborn in my family so I got to see my siblings as babies and I also got to see my parents deal with child care/toys/discipline. Free help is definitely a big one. Invite grandma over for a couple of hours so you can shower in peace. Babies will get to bond with doting relatives and you get to feel human. Don’t forget about your husband and have date nights. Spending time with your kids is definitely the most important thing you can do. Saving for future college costs is an amazing idea, too. My parents weren’t able to save for my schooling so I had to take out loans because my scholarships didn’t cover everything. Great list 🙂

  • Great pictures! My advice is take ALL the help you can get. It will stop soon enough so take the help now!

  • Thanks for all the wonderful advice. I especially like the idea of spending money on making memories rather than on material goods.

  • I think I would tell a new mom to trust her instinct. I was so busy listening to all the other new moms that I turned off my own gut instinct. I would also say to try and breathe, relax and enjoy.

  • These are some great tips!!!! Honestly all new moms need all the tips they can get! I remember when my daughter was born and omg! You can never read enough on kiddos!

  • These are all great tips! Experiences over things is a big one. Saving for college is huge! It seems so far away but it will be here before we know it.

  • so true about birthdays! we try to do something nice but of course not go broke. great tips.

  • Also, make sure you that you are int he pictures. I spend all my time taking the pictures that I forget to actually be in them!

  • I am so grateful that technology allows us to take photos so easily these days. I love capturing every little precious moment. Beautiful photos! ^_^

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