10 Magical Christmas Morning Traditions

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Christmas Morning Traditions

Everything about Christmas is magical in our home. I know that my girls childhoods will be over before I know it and they will be all grown up, so once a year I go all out to make the day extra special. Here are some of our magical Christmas morning traditions!

1. Go downstairs together. It may be hard for those excited little ones, but wait until everyone is ready to go downstairs together to see the beautiful tree piled high with presents from Santa and the family. Pete and I go down a minute before the girls so that we can have our cameras ready to take pictures!

2. Open stockings first. Let your little ones open their stockings first. They have waited so long for this morning. Let them enjoy all the little treasures stuffed in their stockings. We get some snacks ready while they open their stockings.

3. Separate the gifts by person. Our girls spend a couple moments separating presents so that each person has a big pile of presents next to them to open. I’ve also seen people that assign a wrapping paper to a person so that there is no confusion over who gets what gift.  

4. Open the presents up round robin style. Instead of letting everyone loose on the presents and chaos ensuing… open them one by one. Enjoy the wonder and excitement of each gift being opened.

5. Have a hot chocolate bar. Have a special Christmas drink ready for everyone to enjoy. Put special holiday mugs next to a slow cooker filled with hot chocolate and all the toppings you can imagine. Invite everyone to have some throughout the morning.

6. Read Santa’s Note. Leave a special note from Santa to the children. Santa always says thank you for the cookies and milk and all the treats for his reindeer and elves. Of course, Santa would remind the children that they were so good this year and to remember to be good the next year too!

7. Gift Hunt. If Santa (or mom & dad) brought a gift too big to wrap, have the little ones go on a gift hunt. Leave little clues that will take them all over the house until they discover their hidden gift.

8. Christmas Brunch. Enjoy a special Christmas brunch together as a family. Crockpot breakfast casseroles and cinnamon rolls are especially wonderful on Christmas morning. We always have the same things to eat each morning and now our food is a tradition too!

9. Play Santa’s Elf. Think of a special family or person you want to do something special for. Make a package of presents, food and Christmas cookies. Drive the family over to their home and secretly place the package of goodies at their door. The trick is to not get caught! The kids will love helping Santa and being a secret elf.

10. Secret Santa Sack. Stash a sack of presents in a special place to open later that afternoon. You can leave a note from one of Santa’s elves letting them know a special sack of presents will be arriving at anytime. This tradition is a fun way to open presents all day long.

What Christmas morning tradition is your favorite?


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