10 Fun Fitness Ideas For Kids, No Equipment Needed

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kids fitness ideas

These two live for exercise time! 

They love to get up and get moving so much that we often have impromptu workouts at places where there is no equipment available… but that never stops them from getting a workout in! They spend at least an hour a day having fun and being active.

With all the traveling we have been doing the girls have been planning workout routines to do together and I asked them to make a special one to share today!

The girls put together 10 of their favorite exercises that can be done anywhere with no equipment needed!


1. Air squats.

They seem to be the ones they always start their workouts with because they are great for stretching! Plus the little one thinks they are fun to do and always tries to walk while doing them!


2. Lunges.

Another favorite that is always one of the first ones they do. They switch legs back and forth in small areas and when they have more room they do walking lunches, where they walk into them using each leg.

A Yoga Ball Chair is the next addition you will want to make for your kids at home fun. Use it instead of a chair when doing schoolwork for better attention spans!

kid workouts

3. Lifts.

The little one becomes the weight! They tend to use whatever is lying around as their weights. Even each other!

If you don’t already have these-Slip-On Memory Foam Sneakers you need them. They are super cheap and the comfiest ever made! 

one leg jumps

4. Single leg jumps.

They jump on one leg into the air in sets of 10 and then switch legs.


5. Sprints or jogging in place.

This might be the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Inflatable Bubble Balls that you can buy for the kids to play with! 

kid burpees

6. Burpees.

Lower yourself to the ground into a lower push up position and then jump your feet to your hands and then straight up into the air.

This Arcade Basketball Game Set is also what kids dream about and it is inexpensive which makes it even better!  

burpees for kids

7. Sky Jumps. Touch the ground and then jump straight up! We upped this by adding these Stepping Stones. We have them set up in our hallway and our youngest loves “walking over the lava” using these steps! 

8. Push-ups. These traditional exercises are still an awesome exercise. 

Did you know you can actually buy this Inflatable Castle Bounce House?

9. Jumping jacks. Still, a favorite for kids to do! If you are looking to add to your in-house active toys, this Hover Soccer Ball would be perfect!

10. Sit-ups. These girls can do sit-ups like professionals! These are especially great because they can be done inside the house. The weather doesn’t stop them from keeping their bodies healthy.

They also love playing with a 4-in-1 Multi-Game Table and I love that it is budget-friendly and keeps them having fun for hours!

Staying active and exercising is them doing good for their bodies.

This post has been updated from its original publishing in 2015.

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