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10 Fun Fitness Ideas For Kids, No Equipment Needed

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kids fitness ideas

These two live for exercise time! 

They love to get up and get moving so much that we often have impromptu workouts at places where there is no equipment available… but that never stops them from getting a workout in! They spend at least an hour a day having fun and being active and then they cool off with our favorite milk, TruMoo Chocolate Milk. We think it's the perfect recovery drink.

We love that TruMoo Chocolate Milk tastes great, gives us a boost of protein and is refreshing. It also provides carbs that are needed for muscle rebuilding! My 12 year old is old enough to understand and appreciate all of that. The little one just loves how it tastes!

chocolate milk

With all the traveling we have been doing the girls have been planning workout routines to do together and I asked them to make a special one to share today!

The girls put together 10 of their favorite exercises that can be done anywhere with no equipment needed!


1. Air squats.

They seem to be the ones they always start their workouts with, because they are great for stretching! Plus the little one thinks they are fun to do and always tries to walk while doing them!


2. Lunges.

Another favorite that is always one of the first ones they do. They switch legs back and forth in small areas and when they have more room they do walking lunches, where they walk into them using each leg.

kid workouts

3. Lifts.

The little one becomes the weight! They tend to use whatever is laying around as their weights. Even each other!

one leg jumps

4. Single leg jumps.

They jump on one leg into the air in sets of 10 and then switch legs.


5. Sprints or jogging in place.

kid burpees

6. Burpees-

Lower yourself to the ground into a lower push up position and then jump your feet to your hands and then straight up into the air. 

burpees for kids

7. Sky Jumps. Touch the ground and then jump straight up!

8. Push ups. These traditional exercises are still an awesome exercise. 

9. Jumping jacks. Still a favorite for kids to do!

10. Sit ups. These girls can do sit ups like professionals!

tru moo after workout

After they get their workouts in they cool off with an ice cold TruMoo Chocolate Milk.

Staying active and exercising is them doing good for their bodies, so I want to keep the good going by with drinking TruMoo. It's great because it has no high fructose syrup and their farmers pledge “no artificial growth hormones”. Plus it provides 8 essential nutrients that kids need.

post workout drink

We buy it by the gallon or half gallon… or even in these smaller bottles when we are on the go!

We love TruMoo right out of the bottle but there are tons of other ways to enjoy it! You can Find TruMoo Recipe inspiration on Pinterest. And you can Join the TruMoo community on Facebook. for more inspiration! 

tru moo chocolate

We've been able to find TruMoo Chocolate at a lot of different locations here locally and while we are traveling. For product information and availability, visit TruMoo online. 

What are your kids favorite ways to exercise?

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    1. Wow! I didn’t realize that chocolate milk was a recovery drink! I figured everyone drank either Gatorade or Powerade or just plain water. Thanks!

  1. I remember growing up that we didn’t have all the fancy exercise equipment that they do today. We did exercises like these to help stay fit! Glad to see that you are keeping them alive!

  2. Kiddo loves skating and riding her bike. She also enjoys a good walk when she’s in the mood. I’d like to get her into yoga and help her find her center, calm down and focus a bit. With everything going on in her life between her parents she has a hard time.

    1. I find that a lot of kids like skating or riding their bike! What a good way to get outside and get some fresh air.

  3. These are great kid activities! My kids love doing whatever exercises I am doing when I workout in the basement. And chocolate milk is an awesome recovery drink!

  4. I love that! This is great, its so important to get the kids out side and working out. No need to buy anything either. So many people go out to buy stuff. A little motivation and some fun thrown into it everyone will have fun

  5. My daughter used to love going outside and staying until it got dark! She would ride her bike, play soccer, or just run around!

  6. Great fitness tips. I love getting outside with my kids. My son plays baseball and my daughter plays softball and runs with me. We all enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors together. Chocolate milk is our favorite drink, and now we have even more reason to enjoy it! Recovery! 🙂

  7. All these sounds like great fitness ideas for kids. The pictures are really awesome. I am sure kids would definitely enjoy this kind of fitness activities. TruMoo Milk is one of my girls favorite drink too.

  8. How great that your kids love to exercise together! We try to get the kids outdoors as much as we can and play tag or fly kites and such. Lots of family activities we can all do together.

  9. My kids have become more interested in working out. These ideas are great! This is a great way to burn off a lot of energy too.

  10. These are some great ideas!!! It’s so important to keep kids fit by keeping them active 🙂

  11. My son’s favorite way of incorporating exercise is going on hikes. Sometimes, he’ll join on his accord when I’m working to one of my favorite exercise DVDs.

  12. Only kids are innocent enough to find burpees fun, lol! We love to put on some music and have a dance party in our living room!

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