10 {Easy} Summer Party Ideas

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Summer is supposed to be carefree and relaxing and so is summer entertaining! 

I’ve learned the best summer parties are the ones where you have good friends and good things to eat and drink. The rest doesn’t matter as much! But I normally like to have a little extra fun when I’m hosting summer parties so I have a running list of really easy ideas to make any summer gathering awesome! easy appetizers

Here are my ten {easy} summer party ideas:

1. Appetizer Party! Have you ever noticed that people get just as excited for the appetizers as they do for all the other courses? Why not just offer a bunch of appetizers for your next party? Most can be made ahead so there is more time for being with friends than stuck in the kitchen too! My favorite and the easiest appetizer I make it to cover a block of cream cheese with salsa and serve with tortilla chips!

2. Water Party! Have a pool? Great! If not turn on the sprinklers! One year we set up the whole lawn with water tools and the kids had a great time! Don’t forget the water balloons too! summer pizza food 3. Pizza Party! Buy a bunch of pizzas with all sorts of toppings. Place napkins and plates next to them and you are done! 

4. Dessert Party! This is one of my favorites. Invite everyone over after dinner and serve up a bunch of different desserts. Your parties will be the talk of the town after this summer party.

5. Hawaiian Island Party. Hawaii and summer are practically the same thing right? Give your guest what they want… a tropical vacation. Buy some decorations and Hawaiian style food and make it a new summer tradition. Save the decorations so that next years party is even easier.   trumoo summertime drinks 6. Pajama Party. Have everyone come over in their pajamas and serve a breakfast buffet. Don’t forget to add TruMoo to the menu too! Chocolate TruMoo makes a great cold drink… but also is awesome warmed up as hot chocolate. You can even create a hot chocolate bar and let the guests add whipped cream, or marshmallows, or both! Sprinkles are fun too!

7. Movie Party. Serve movie foods like popcorn and have a few movies ready to play. Let everyone vote on what to watch.

8. Sleepover Party. Summer gets warm out. Let the kids have a sleepover so that they can play when it’s a bit cooler at night! Give them flashlights and “missions” to accomplish. After all the fun they can come back inside for some ice cold Chocolate TruMoo!

9. Italian, Mexican, Irish etc. party. Pick a type of food and let that dictate the planning around it. 

10. BBQ. We still love a good traditional BBQ or cookout as Pete calls them. Everyone brings their own side dish and you supply the protein, drinks and s’more supplies. trumoo chocolate milk recipes And since we are talking about the beverages, don’t forget the TruMoo! I like to grab the individual bottles when I see them for parties or a few larger containers for everyone to share. We had the TruMoo Chocolate, but the TruMoo Strawberry is also great for parties!

TruMoo is our favorite because it has no high fructose syrup and their farmers pledge “no artificial growth hormones”. Plus it provides 8 essential nutrients that kids need. It’s also delicious and we just love the taste! For product information and availability, visit TruMoo online. You can also Find TruMoo Recipe inspiration on Pinterest. for even more ways to use TruMoo.And be sure to Join the TruMoo community on Facebook.


What are your favorite summer party ideas?

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