10 Critical Morning Habits For Immediate Success

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10 Critical Morning Habits For Immediate Success are learned lessons from what works and what doesn’t. I put together this top ten list to share what tips can help you achieve immediate success too. Thank you to The Every Year Calendar by Cameron Giles for being the perfect partner for this post.morning habits for success
I started something new this year.

Each morning, right when I wake up, I now do something that has boosted my productivity and made me much more successful at living the life I really want to live. The change I made is that I started using The Every Year Calendar by Cameron Giles, and I’ve incorporated it into these 10 Critical Morning Habits For Immediate Success.

Habit #1 focus on the big picture.

The Every Year Calendar covers a large range of subjects, while still serving one singular devoted purpose—helping you and me get our lives in order in a way that’s aligned with our most treasured values. It’s a simple tool that fuels high achievement, improves focus, and promotes personal discovery and self-reflection. And because it is dateless, you can start anytime. Because feeling empowered rules no matter when you start. 

tool for creating a magical life

Habit #2 Face your fears for the day- head on.

The Every Year Calendar has a monthly spot where you can write out what is holding you back or what your challenges are. Each morning revisit this list and make a plan to acknowledge and conquer your fears. 

Habit #3 Write and review your daily, weekly and monthly goals.

If you do nothing else but this, you will be light years ahead of where you were! It’s hard to go anywhere if you don’t know where you want to go. Think of these as your road map to your future. Break it down by small steps (daily goals) that get you closer to the big goals.

The Every Year Calendar

Habit #4 Work together

Pete and I both have The Every Year Calendar books and we have started to work on them together. We bounce ideas off each other and brainstorm solutions together.  

motivational calendar

Habit #5 Schedule in food, sleep and fun.

Look at the day ahead of you, and write out all the appointments and commitments that you have. Now backfill it with time to eat, have fun (maybe read a book or go for a walk), and when you need to be asleep that evening to get the recommended amount of sleep.

Habit #6 Write out a daily intention. 

This is totally different than a goal. Think of it as a mantra, as a feeling of what you want your day to look and feel like. Prepare to carry it with you, and refer back to it if you feel like you are getting off track during the day.

day-to-day motivational tool

Habit #7 Spend 10 minutes studying from a mentor. 

A mentor doesn’t have to be someone that you talk to, it can be someone you look up to. Follow what they are doing and learn as much as you can about them. Learn from them and implement these lessons into your life. 

Habit #8 Spend 5 minutes de-cluttering.

Clean out a drawer or your email box. You don’t have to finish anything, just work on it. Being productive first thing in the morning sets the whole day off right!

Habit #9 Tackle something big. 

Make a plan to accomplish it, or to start working towards it. This habit will help you think big and take more steps to living your dream life.

Habit #10 Free your mind

After all this morning jump start, spend a few moments releasing your mind from all thoughts. Take in the moment with a cup of coffee or tea and relax.


Within a couple days of using this {seriously} beautiful notebook and incorporating these habits into my mornings, I’ve felt a huge positive shift. All of these habits fit perfectly into our new books and there are even more sections to help with personal and professional growth.

Let me show you what’s inside to see the powerful tools it holds:

  • 12 monthly goal setting worksheets
  • 12 fill-in-the-blank calendars
  • 365 motivational quotes and reflective personal questions
  • Daily intention or affirmation setting
  • Original art from independent artists
  • Blank pages for notes
  • Zodiac calendar

Learn more about The Every Year Calendar and see the other beautiful designs.

Do you have any morning habits that help you to succeed everyday?

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