What to see and eat at the San Diego Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!
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What to see and eat at the San Diego Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!

What to see and eat at the San Diego Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!


I totally know I should be starting this post with all of the reasons that the San Diego Fair rocks… but let’s be honest, you all know me… I went for the food! It’s not a glamorous statement, but once a year I really let it all go and eat whatever I want. And by whatever I want, I mean whatever my head wants because my stomach was screaming for mercy when we left. I ate so much food. It was worth it though!

Here are our favorite things to eat and do at the San Diego Fair!


Bacon Soda. I had to take a picture of this! Bacon Soda… no thanks… but maybe someone else would appreciate it? Add this to your list if you are a true bacon lover! It’s located in the ice cream cafe that is attached to the last exhibit hall {closest to the rides}.


Ice Cream. I think most people can appreciate this though! A HUGE ice cream sundae! Trust me this was SO needed! It was a very hot day!


Shaved Ice. Or maybe shaved ice is your thing? There are close to 10 million combinations of flavors {that might be a slight exaggeration} to chose from!



Tasty Chips. These are my favorite fair food ever. I’ve been eating them since I was a little girl and they are the first stop I make once we get to the fair. They are the perfect mix of potato chips and french fries. I want more right now. They are THAT good!


Fresh donuts. I’m a little embarrassed about this one. You see there were 12 donuts in this bag and yet I only took a picture of one and it took all the control I could muster to even get a picture of this little guy before I stuffed him in my mouth. These are the best donuts I’ve ever had in my life. No joke!


Fried Indian Bread Torta. This is a new addition to my fair food for this year. I was craving Mexican food and when I saw this fried Indian bread topped with re-fried beans, cheese and toppings I immediately ran over and forked out an arm and a leg. It was worth the financial sacrifice.


The rides. There are tons of rides but I thought this one was cool. It was from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.


Carnival Games. You can not visit the fair without playing a couple games. If you are lucky you might even be a…



Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner! This smile is worth a thousand words! But I’ll just say that most of the games make all kids a winner so that your littlest one will get this smile too!


Board Games. With a theme of “Game on”, it’s no surprise that there is a whole exhibit dedicated to board games from the past. We played a hardcore game of Connect Four. There were winners and there were losers, but we all had a great time. That’s all I’m going to say about that {I was a loser}.


Animals! I must ask you, what is a county fair without animals? Better yet, what is a fair without baby animals? How about 3 week old piglets? I about lost it seeing 12 baby piglets! Absolutely adorable!


 Be sure to get over to the San Diego Fair quickly. It’s only here till the 4th of July!

I was provided tickets to the Del Mar Fair to help facilitate this article. No other compensation was received.