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What the Katy Perry Half Time Show Taught Us About Success and Haters

What the Katy Perry Half Time Show Taught Us About Success and Haters

Having a happy family and vacations to tropical places is my idea of success. In case you wanted to know.

I’m going to be very honest right now.

I only watched the Super Bowl for the commercials and food. There I said it. Hate me if you like, but I’m just not a sports fan. I like the get together aspect and all the yummy snacks… and the commercials that are played during the big game. Forget about the rest of it. To me it’s just people throwing some ball around. For my husband and kids it’s a different story. They love football. At least my husband does, the girls like it well enough.

For years the half time show has been an added benefit.

If I manage to watch it good. If not, no big loss. This year I spent the Super Bowl at a party, but I was really in the corner typing away, trying to get caught up on some writing work. I’d stop for some food and the commercials, but other than that it was work time. I remember glancing up from my computer screen and seeing my Little One squeal with delight and scream “Katy Perry”!!! Curious about what all the excitement was about I stopped and watched.

Now, I’m not a huge Katy Perry fan.

Sure… I know the words to some of her song. I can even identify some of those same songs as being song by her on the radio. But that is only because I have kids that listen to her, and I am often too tired to fight over songs on the radio. I’m not sure she would be thrilled to know that her target audience is a 5 and 12 year old in my home, but oh well. Back to the show. I thought it was really good. She was able to keep me entertained while still making the show totally family friendly. 

I even went so far as to post this on my personal Facebook Profile:

katy perry super bowl

My friends chimed in that they liked it too… and life went on. 

A couple hours later I was looking through my Facebook news feed and I started to see the hate comments. Not “hate” like death threats or anything crazy like that (I do have pretty nice Facebook friends), but actual hate comments, like “Hate the show. Katy Perry Sucks” comments.

I’m totally not here to have a debate on the show.

I liked it, you hated it… whatever! But what this really made me realize is that this is a perfect visual of why you have to define your own idea of success and block out the haters.

Even someone who most would see as successful still can’t make everyone happy. Can you imagine if she determined her success and happiness based on what others thought… She would never be able to function and she would spend everyday depressed knowing that not everyone liked her or her performances. 

The take away is that you have to define your own idea of success. There will always be haters, there will always be people who don’t think you are deserving. There will always be jealously in this world. 

As long as you are happy with yourself non of that matters.

inspirational quotes- Don't compare yourself to others



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