Want A Better Life? Do These Five Things Every Morning
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Want A Better Life? Do These Five Things Every Morning

Want A Better Life? Do These Five Things Every Morning

5 things happy successful people do every morning

Mornings used to be a flash of crazy stressful moments and then I started doing these five things every morning and my life has never been better.

1. Start the day with something you enjoy. For me that is coffee. It could be yoga, Facebook, a cup of tea, meditating or just clearing your mind over a glass of water. The important thing is that it is something you enjoy and it starts the day off right

2. Review your life goals. This sounds really complicated, but it’s not. You should be keeping a small description of what you want your life to look like (a basic written paragraph) with you at all times. Keep it in your wallet. Spend 5 minutes writing it and change it whenever you feel the need. It’s a general idea of what your ideal life would look like for you… like if you were to imagine yourself at your happiest. Study that each day to keep you focused.

3. Review your long term goal list. This is related to #2. This is the practical steps you need to take to get to your ideal life. Ask yourself if there are any things on the list that you could accomplish today or any sub-steps you could do that would open you up to being able to get these steps done. Make notes, edits, changes.

4. Review your daily to do list. Ideally you added everything to this list at the end of the day before. I use a pencil for my list and simply change the date at the top for each day. That way the leftovers from the day before are already there and I just add the tasks for the new day to the list. In theory there will be nothing leftover from the day before, but often there is. Somethings can’t be completed until instructions are received from other people, so I’m at the mercy of their reply to get some tasks completed. 

5. Straighten up. Your desk, your kitchen and your bedroom. There is something about having a bed that’s been made that starts the day off right. It feels really good to come home to a clean kitchen so I always make sure mine is tidy each morning. I never start working with a messy desk either. If there are a lot of papers I need to have on my desk they have to be in a neat pile… all trash is thrown away and pencils and pens are in their holders before I start working too.

What do you do to start your day off right?


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