Up, Up and Away for 2016
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Up, Up and Away for 2016

Up, Up and Away for 2016

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I started working on this list halfway through 2015. It seemed that the more places we saw, the more places we wanted to see. I remember writing back in 2012 that we needed to start sharing more of our travel stories. Every time I would write a story about a new adventure we were on, everyone got all excited and had tons of questions. Back then the stories were all about places to travel within driving distance. Fast forward three years and our travels are taking us much farther away. I think it’s just part of growing, and catching more of the travel bug. We’ve also had our audience of readers change. Years ago I was getting more requests for luxury travel on a budget, now it’s all about luxury family travel, and although it’s great to save money the emphasis has shifted to carefree vacations. We want wonderful experiences and are willing to pay for it.


Last year I made a list of just a couple places we wanted to go and then I left room on our travel calendar for unplanned trips.  Before I knew it, we were booked for the whole year. I’m sure the same will happen this year, but I also need to be more strategic about what trips we take to maximize our time away from home. So although this is our travel list for 2016, I have no doubt that it will change throughout the next year. 

  1. Alaska, maybe on a cruise?- (We are thinking May will be the month to visit, but that could change) This will be our first time seeing Alaska and I think a cruise might be the best way to see more of the area to pinpoint where we want to return to next year to explore in more depth. Plus our last cruise experience was amazing, and the girls can’t wait to go back. Our cruise series was one of our top viewed travel series of the year, so I know more people are thinking like we are. We are even considering a small boat cruise for more of a hands on experience as opposed to a traditional “vacation”.  
  2. Caribbean Cruise (Thinking about November)- Along the same lines of seeing Alaska, we think this would be a great way to see more islands. We have been to Turks & Caicos twice and loved it, but it’s time to see more. We have a few other islands already on the list for this year, but we think this would help us see more islands to help with planning for 2017. We are planning on a large cruise ship experience for this trip.
  3. Punta Cana- (Maybe September or sooner) I saw some pictures and fell in love. There are some amazing resorts that are calling our name. Plus those blue waters and amazing sunsets…
  4. Hawaii- (Maybe in February or later this year) My first visit to Hawaii was to Honolulu, and I am thinking that might still be the way we will spend our first time there as a family. Oahu has Pearl Harbor, and that is a must for me to show the girls among other fun things. I know it’s more “touristy” but I think those things are perfect for first visits.
  5.  Florida Keys- (March seems like the best time for us to visit) Key Largo has been on my travel wishlist since I first heard the song “Key Largo” by Bertie Higgins. I know it’s a cheesy 80’s song, but I like it just the same.
  6. Canada- Pete and I have both always wanted to visit. Canada is huge and we haven’t narrowed down where we want to go, but we are adding it to the list for this year. It also helps that we can drive there on an extended road trip.
  7. Pennsylvania/Williamsburg- (Trip booked for April) We loved visiting during the fall last year, and we are excited to see it during the spring this year with a stop in Williamsburg. It will make a great history lesson for the girls too.  Since Pete still has family in Lancaster, we will be making a trip back there at least once a year, and I hope we eventually get to see all the seasons!
  8. Boston/Cape Cod- (October during our Bi-coastal Halloween Celebration and early june) Pete has been to both before, but it would be new for the girls and I. My favorite vacations always involve being by the water and Cape Cod has always been on my list to see.
  9. Mexico- I’ve been to Cabo, Tijuana (I went to college in San Diego in the 90’s, so that’s a given), Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, and Puerto Nuevo… but that was all before I had a family. There are so many luxurious family resorts and we want to visit some of them. Being on the west coast this is a very convenient vacation option for us and many of our readers.
  10. Fiji- Fiji keeps popping up on our radar. I’ve received reader emails asking about it and we’ve been researching it more and more. With direct flights daily from LAX, a red-eye flight is an easy way to be in paradise the next day.
  11. US River Cruise- (June) I can’t think of a better way to see the south than on a river cruise. Pete has traveled through the southern most states, but the girls and I haven’t. There is so much history for us to see and fun things to do.
  12. Portland- (July) Vegan food, beautiful scenery and as quick plane ride. 
  13. Seattle- (July) Same as Oregon. Food and family fun.
  14. Bi-coastal Halloween Celebrations- (October) Disney World, Universal Orlando, Disneyland, Universal LA, Salem Massachusetts 

What destinations are at the top of your list this year?


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