This is how we stay fueled up on the go…
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This is how we stay fueled up on the go…

This is how we stay fueled up on the go…

We are on the go this summer. Jumping from one thing to another and we love it. To keep up with all the summer fun I’m always bringing snacks with me where ever we go. How we stay fueled on the go is a sponsored post partnership with Nature Valley.


Having a five year old makes me feel like a duck mom with a bunch of ducklings.

My little one is always running from one place to the other. When we went for a walk we stumbled upon this mama duck and we both had a moment… like we both were thinking to ourselves how crazy this mothering business can be. She with her ducklings and me with my girls! And yes it did strike me as funny that I was comparing my life to that of a duck’s… but I also think that some things are universal and motherhood is definitely one of those things.

And really the basics are the same. We both want to keep our kids happy and healthy. 

staying fueled

It feels like in the summer one of the biggest challenges is keeping these kiddos fueled so they can keep on going!

We get in the car in the morning and then we don’t get home again until later that day. So far we’ve been on a few quick trips and the rest of the time we’ve been focused on enjoying all that there is to offer here in San Diego. We have beautiful beaches and so many parks that we are trying to visit them all!

having summer funhandstands

Ash and Em have really taken up running.

I used to run when I was in college, and I loved it, but these days I love walking so that I can enjoy the scenery too! On this walk we saw butterflies and horses. The horses were totally unexpected and Em was so excited when they stopped and let her say hello to them. It’s the little things I tell you! She told everyone we saw about the horses the rest of the day.
snack time

To keep us fueled and energized we’ve been carrying Nature Valley Oats And Honey Crunchy Granola Bars with us and some ice waters we fill up every morning. These are our favorite snacks because they were made for summer, unlike others that don’t stand up to the test of summer.

They also taste great and remind me of my own childhood summers.

nature valley crunchy

on the go snacks

I just keep a box or two in the car and then I can throw a couple packs into my purse when we are out and about! So easy and delicious. 

What have you been up to this summer?


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