This Girl…

This Girl…

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This Girl…


She loves Disney Princesses, having her back rubbed, pasta, vacations, Peppa Pig and playing in the rain.


She idolizes her sisters {and they, her}. She wants to cuddle at night with her Momma and tell jokes to her Daddy. She’s our girl!


Having her turn 4 soon has left me breathless. My heart is racing and I can’t process the fact that we faced days without her before she was born.


Knowing that she will be starting Kindergarten before we know it left me humble and inspired. The reality that my days of Mommy and Daughter fun days without missing school work are numbered.


I recognized an opportunity and jumped at it. No sad thoughts. They strip your joy. I have a year. A year to make some awesome memories!

And that is how my life changed last month. It came to me like lightning in a storm. A little bit of warning, but still a surprise when it happened. Instead of 5 days of preschool a week she will only be going for 4. Fridays are our days. No work for me and no school for her. We have BIG plans. Ice skating, breakfast dates, trips to the zoo! Just to name a few.

We will be documenting our Friday Fun on Instagram with the hashtag: #LovelyLife

We’d love to have you join us and I’d love to feature your special moments too! When you post your photos on Instagram use the hashtag #LovelyLife 

2014 is the year of joy and making memories that will last forever! What memories do you want to make?


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