Sunday Disney Love

Sunday Disney Love

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Sunday Disney Love

Each week I write a recap of everything happening Disney. From our local SoCal parks, Disneyland and California Adventure to Disney movies released for home viewing and those in the theaters…

It was an exciting week with Disney in our house celebrating Disney’s FROZEN coming out on DVD.  I really enjoyed watching my girls enjoy the evening together and of course, those fabulous songs are still stuck in my head!


This week Muppet’s Most Wanted opened everywhere in theaters this week! It is a must see! The Muppet’s never disappoint. Here are some fabulous activities and fun sheets for the kids. 



Click here to DOWNLOAD Muppets Memory Cards


DOWNLOAD Muppets Maze muppetsmostwanted_pdf_532b84bfe8683

DOWNLOAD Muppet Theater Box


We are getting excited about Maleficent and this newly released trailer. The more of Angelina Jolie I see playing Maleficent, the more I know she was perfect for this role! This trailer leaves all of us so intrigued about the story we have never heard! May 30th will be marked on my calendar. I don’t want to miss this one!

Who is your favorite Muppet Character? 


  • Keikilani Jackson says:

    I just love Fozzy Bear! His humor just gets me! LOL

  • KIM says:

    How interesting your blog post is. We love Frozen and watch it all the time now. Muppets – I’ll probably take my son to see it – I just love Ms. Piggy….who doesn’t!! We get to go do DisneyWorld in 2015 – so happy!

  • Oh my gosh – so cute! Our kids love “Frozen!” It’s such a great movie. Heck, I would totally play with some of the dolls. LOL

  • Raijean says:

    How cute, I love this post! So many that I want to see!

  • Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says:

    Wow you are on top of it all!! who knew sooooooo manay things happened this week. We love Frozen too and have been having a ball singing all the songs in the car and at home.

  • valmg @ Mom Knows It All says:

    I loved Frozen, can’t wait to see it again. Those frozen drinks look yummy!

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