Summer Weekend Getaway Essentials
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Summer Weekend Getaway Essentials

Summer Weekend Getaway Essentials

Midsummer is such a magical time. There is such a relaxing vibe this time of year that is perfect for taking with you on some summer getaways. To make your next getaway even better I have some summer weekend getaway essentials for you via this sponsored post partnership with Evite and Sally Hansen.


My favorite part about vacationing during the summer is how easy it is to pack and get on the road.

Winter means big suitcases and lots of jackets, pants and boots. Summer means a bag packed easily with some warm weather clothes that you can just grab and go! I love the ease of packing and that one layer of clothes is all it takes!

Here are my favorite summer weekend getaway essentials:



Get some cute luggage.

We are doing a lot of traveling this summer and a bunch of them are quick getaways . Summer getaways call for some bright and fun luggage. This is an awesome choice that Evite picked out. I love this pattern.


summer clothes

Summer clothes.

Think flowing dresses, cute rompers and sandals. There are so many awesome sandals available this year! Grab some clothes that are mix and match and some sandals that go with it all to keep it simple. These are my favorites. I have them in multiple colors and I normally take one pair with me anytime I’m away from home.


Can’t you just feel the warm, tropical air just looking at this dress?



Now we are getting to my favorites. Hats, glasses and bathing suits! 

I can’t get enough of the wide-brimmed hats. Not only do they go with so many outfit types, but they also provide really good sun protection… and they keep you cool! I never travel without mine. I love this bathing suit and sunglasses that Evite picked out too!

summer weekend essentials

Often forgotten is a “rockin” beach towel.

Don’t forget yours! Make sure you get a long one in a bright color for summer. I love inspirational and funny sayings, so this towel is perfect for me!


This is my summer style in the shade. 

Light sweater, summery nautical dress and big glasses…. relaxing on a lounge chair.

unnamed (1)


summer getaways

You are going to need something to carry everything in too!

I love this bag with stripes and sturdy straps… and I also love to listen to music and audio books on vacation so I’m never without headphones. 





These last two are my summer travel must-haves. 

One I use before I go, and one I carry with me! Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun gives you an instant sun-kissed glow with Sally Hansen’s first 2-in-1 bronzer and gradual self-tanning lotion. I have the palest skin on the planet and this gives me a great tanned look! Lip gloss is the final touch for me. I love having a refreshing pop of color on my lips.

Where are you going on your next summer getaway? 


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