Summer Strawberry Picking and Staying Cool With Capri Sun
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Summer Strawberry Picking and Staying Cool With Capri Sun

Summer Strawberry Picking and Staying Cool With Capri Sun

This week the girls and I visited a local strawberry field and stayed cool with Capri Sun as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #CapriSunMomFactor 


summer cool down capri sun

We have a family goal of having as much fun as we can pack into each summer. We go all out and actually have a huge list of everything we want to do!

We also have a love of fresh fruit so our summer fun starts early so we can pick strawberries while they are fresh on the vine! 

I feel so lucky to have a U-Pick Strawberry Farm close by so we took advantage of a beautiful day and loaded up the car with some Capri Sun Roaring Waters Flavored Water Beverage (to help us stay cool) and my oldest and youngest and we were on our way! We left to go out there midday and I knew it was going to get warm so I planned ahead and brought a whole box that I had cooled in the fridge earlier in the day!

capri sun on the go

I chose the Capri Sun Roaring Waters Flavored Water Beverages because they are a lightly fruit flavored beverage with no artificial colors or flavors and they are low-calorie. They are really easy to grab and go too! When we got to the farm I took two out and put them into my purse for while we were there. 

summer fun with capri sun

As soon as we got to the farm the little one ran right to the baskets and then straight to the first strawberry plant she saw. She picked out the perfect berry! Ten seconds later she had that fresh berry cut off the vine for everyone to see!

summer fun capri sun

She was pretty proud!

Disclaimer:  Capri Sun provided free product for the post I’m writing about. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.


capri sun

We picked a few more strawberries and then it was time for a drink break.

It gets really hot very quickly in the fields and we all needed to cool off! Capri Sun is a fun way to hydrate* and we enjoyed the quick break. Once we were done with our drink break we set off to to fill up our basket so we could have more to drink and eat some berries!

stay cool with capri sun

And just like that our basket full of strawberries was full! I might have helped a little with the picking to speed things along because I was ready to relax in the shade and enjoy a Capri Sun…

berry picking

While I paid and rinsed off the berries, my oldest got the drinks out of my purse and ready for some berry eating!

refreshing summer drink capri sun

Both girls got in on the berry eating and Capri Sun drinking!

Thank goodness I had brought them with me both in my car and in my purse because we were hot! We are totally going to be doing more fruit picking this summer and Capri Sun is going to be coming along with us to keep us cool!

capri sun and strawberries

Get ready for an awesome summer of fun with Capri Sun and learn more about their delicious beverages here.

What exciting plans do you have for summer?

*Consume a variety of beverages every day




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