Staying In Touch With Far Away Family
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Staying In Touch With Far Away Family

Staying In Touch With Far Away Family

Last week we flew back to Pennsylvania to visit Pete’s Grandma. The girls treasure their time with her and the wisdom that they learn from their great grandma. Thank you to TracFone for sponsoring this post on how to stay connected with family far away during the holidays.

keep in touch this holiday season

Since we returned home this week from Pennsylvania, we’ve been thinking a lot about how we can best stay in touch with Great Grandma.

At 88, she is having vision issues, so letter reading is getting hard for her and the girls want to be able to talk to her more often. She has also had a few strokes so she lives in a facility that can help take care of her, but that means no long distance phone calls. While we were sitting with her saying our “see ya laters” I realized that she needs a TracFone. With a phone of her own she can call us whenever she wants and we can do the same.

Like how I use my TracFone device to help me stay organized and connected with my family, she can do the same! There are so many ways that my TracFone device is helping me during Thanksgiving time. From downloading a recipe app to help me with all the baking I’m doing, to the note feature that helps me keep track of all my travel schedules, I’m depending on my TracFone during this period leading up to Thanksgiving. It’s really helping me keep my sanity.

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When we were visiting Pennsylvania this past week, I did a lot of thinking about and prioritizing.

It’s hard not to when you are surrounded by beautiful views like this. What makes me happiest is seeing those I care about happy and spending more time with them. TracFone helps me do both and I’m going to focus on using my phone to keep my mind focused on those things. More phone calls to those I love are in my future… and in Grandmas too with her new phone!

family pictures in pa

I’m excited about TracFone’s recently launched new 90-day Smartphone Only plans for smartphone and BYOP® users.

The Smartphone Only plans start for as low as $35 and are available online at Now you can Bring Their Own Phone to TracFone, sign up with a Smartphone Only plan and enjoy a stress-free holiday with the minutes, text and data you need to be connected with the people and things they love! We have a bunch of phones in our home so we will be sending Grandma one of these and setting her up on a TracFone plan. This is a great option for us because we can easily regulate her plan for her so she doesn’t have to do a thing. We can add minutes and everything right from our computer.

These new plans were just launched online on October 28th and they provide all current TracFone brand benefits that we love, including Unlimited Carryover, stacking of service days, basic international calling, and more!

We use TracFone because it is one of America’s largest no-contract wireless service providers where we can “Do Everything For Less®”. TracFone has No Contracts, No Bills, No Overages, No Credit Checks, & No Activation or Cancellation Fees. You can get unbeatable Nationwide Coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks with TracFone and with Unlimited Carryover® from TracFone, customers get to keep their unused minutes, texts, and data as long as their service is active and in use within each six month period.


There are different plans & services available to fit everyone’s needs.

90-Day Android Smartphone Minutes, Text and Data Plans- TracFone offers 90-Day Android™ Smartphone Minutes, Text and Data plans starting at just $19.99, an average monthly cost of only $7. Disclaimer: A month equals 30 days. Airtime Service Plan required for activation. Phones/Plans sold separately. Disclaimer: Triple the face value of airtime service plans, excluding smartphone only, data only, and text only cards. Double minute cards do not apply.

90-Day Smartphone Only Plans for smartphones and BYOP®- These new plans will provide all current TracFone plans benefits, including Unlimited Carryover, basic international calling and others, and start as low as $35.00. Disclaimer: These plans do not triple.

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International Long Distance (ILD) App- Call Mexico, Canada, China, India and many more destinations around the world. This free app allows you to directly call stored contacts or international numbers minus the hassle of dialing access numbers. Available on Google Play.

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How are you keeping in touch with loved ones over Thanksgiving?


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