Santa’s S’more Cookies

Santa’s S’more Cookies

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smore cookies

I think this might be one of the best tasting cookies I’ve ever made… and it really tastes like a s’more with a chewy graham cracker cookie, toasted marshmellows and chunks of milk chocolate melted into the cookie and topped with it too! It’s maybe not the prettiest cookie though. That’s okay right? As long as they taste good they are keepers… agree?


Due to a jam packed schedule and finding a recipe that is pretty much perfect I saved tons of time not recreating the wheel. I used this recipe for Chewy Graham Cookies from Ice Cream Before Dinner. One small change I made was no cinnamon in the recipe and no cinnamon sugar on top.


I followed the rest of the recipe as it is written and then I baked the cookies in circles by scooping a tablespoon size of the dough into the palm of my hand and rolling it into a ball and then squishing it flat. I baked it for 1/2 of the cooking time and then I tool them out and added the marshmallows and chunks of chocolate to them and continued cooking till they are done.

As soon as they were done I took them out of the oven and added more marshmallows and chocolate chunks!


That’s it! They were chewy and delicious and are another cookie that will be gracing out Christmas Eve dessert table!


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