Remember that the small things are the big things {in life}…

Remember that the small things are the big things {in life}…

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On of the steps to a happy life is through appreciation of the little things. I’m finally getting it. Sometimes the everyday moments that can easily be overlooked are the moments in our life that we will look back on with pure joy.

Watching your newborn sleep soundly when you are absolutely exhausted… picking up your son from school after a long day at work… making your families favorite chocolate cake when you are all recovering from a bad cold. They all seem like small parts of life. Not memory worthy, but when you sit back and think about them, when they are long gone… you realize that these are the big moments in life. They are the times you will look back on with so much love your heart feels like it will burst.

I am looking at life with a new set of eyes and a much bigger heart.

With all this in mind, our first Fun Friday was even better than I imagined it would be. Not because anything life changing happened. But because it helped fill us up with “small thing” memories! I remembered how excited my little one is over the little things in life and that lead our day. I wanted to fill it with tons of little memories to make the day really memorable.I keep thinking about why I took her our of school on Fridays… to be together and have fun!

We went ice skating! This was her first time and she was beyond excited to go! She had visions of swirling on the ice and scenes from her new favorite movie FROZEN dancing in her head. It wasn’t that glorious… but we had a great time. We stopped to get a Popsicle for fuel and kept skating the day away. Once our toes were too cold to go on we finished our day splitting a huge m&m cookie.

We laughed, we sang, we talked and she did some dancing… we had a great day. It was a great reminder that the little things really are the big things in life.

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