Reese Family Vlog 119 – A Crazy Friday Night!
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Reese Family Vlog 119 – A Crazy Friday Night!

Reese Family Vlog 119 – A Crazy Friday Night!

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This is Reese Family Vlog 119. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that crazy. Sometimes our Friday nights are not that action packed, but they still are fun. Our big decision tonight was where should we pickup takeout from? The answer may surprise you… Or, it may not!

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Are your Friday nights as crazy as ours?


  • Jeanine says:

    My Friday’s are pretty boring and mostly spent inside with the kiddos. You guys are seriously having so much fun and just out there doing it all! Love your vlogs!

  • This sounds like so many where should we eat discussions my family has. No one can decide or no one wants to make the decision and than be blamed if the food isn’t good.

  • kelly reci says:

    Seeing the photos, looks like your family had a great trip! They look so happy and having so much fun! Well, decision maker is always the one who got the blame, but you are all enjoying so everyone should just be happy!

  • Elizabeth O. says:

    Y’all are fun to watch especially that last bit about the dinner. It looks like you’re staying true to your word about a video everyday!

  • Dhemz says:

    You guys are very entertaining and the kids are great sports. Look forward to seeing more videos! Thanks for sharing.

  • Julie Syl says:

    I bet you have a ton of fun working out with the little ones, thats awesome. every dad should have that chance :) Thanks for sharing with us

  • You all are so much fun! Our Friday nights are less than crazy and pretty boring in comparison! lol

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