POM HULA Creates a Hoopla!
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POM HULA Creates a Hoopla!

POM HULA Creates a Hoopla!

This is a sponsored campaign on behalf of POM.

pom hula



pom hula drink

I LOVE a good drink on a hot summer day

POM Wonderful just introduced 3 new awesome fruit blends! I was smitten with the POM HULA immediately and bought myself a bottle! POM HULA is a blend of POM and Pineapple!

Sounds pretty awesome right?

It is! When I picked up POM HULA I was expecting a sweet little sip-able drink to enjoy the afternoon away with… what I got was a party in a bottle! I’m not kidding… POM HULA created a HOOPLA! 

pom hula summer

This wasn’t the kind of drink that I could photograph with just some ice cubes, and then take and enjoy myself. Nope! POM HULA called for summer decorations, tons of ice and of course a paper straw! Nothing less would be acceptable! 

If you don’t believe me about POM creating Hooplas take a look at this…

POM Yum Bunch
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