On reminding our children that they can do anything…
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On reminding our children that they can do anything…

On reminding our children that they can do anything…

The girls and I LOVE Disney’s Zootopia, and we are so excited for it to be released on Blu-ray™, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere June 7! We enjoy all the great characters like Judy Hopps and the inspirational message that hard work pays off and to never give up on your dreams! I’m partnering with Disney and CafeMom for this sponsored post, to share how I remind my girls to follow their dreams and believe in themselves!


One of the most important jobs that I have as a mom is to instill in my girls that they can do anything… as long as they are willing to work hard.

I really think that this relates to so many aspects of life, not just professionally for them in the future, but also in friendships and a happy family life in general. The ups and downs of life can sometimes be discouraging, especially to little ones, so I am always trying to remind them that hard work and determination will always lead them to the places that they want to go. Their dreams are always obtainable.

I also look for examples in stories, and real life where people persevere and live the life that they really want. Even stories from my own life are retold often to keep them motivated, but the best examples come to them from movies and books. This really holds true for Emmy, but the big girls too. As we were watching Zootopia together, I remember leaning over to them and whispering how awesome Judy Hopps was and how strong she was being. No matter who or what tried to stop her, she kept on going, and kept working her tail off! Pun totally intended!
If you are not familiar with Zootopia, here is a little recap for you. No spoilers, I promise!

Brought to you by the creators of FROZEN and BIG HERO 6 (Emmy and Maddie’s all-time favorite movies), Walt Disney Animation Studios brings us a comedy-adventure set in the modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia. Determined to prove herself, Officer Judy Hopps, the first bunny on Zootopia’s police force, jumps at the chance to crack her first case – even if it means partnering with scam-artist fox Nick Wilde to solve the mystery.
Emmy even noticed that Judy believed in herself and never stopped following her dreams to become the first bunny cop.

I love having inspirational stories like Zootopia for them to watch, and we always follow up after and talk about the meanings within the stories. Plus, this is a really good movie for adults too, because the humor is there for both kids and parents. I even found it inspirational as a grown up!

We also have “dream sessions” where we talk about their dreams and what actual steps they can take to accomplish them. We write out a plan of what they need to do and then break those down even further. This shows them that there will be a lot of hard work involved, but that if they keep working through it all, they can make that dream come true!

Imagine our surprise when we saw Judy and Nick from Zootopia this past week….the girls all wanted to have their picture taken with them. I love when the girls are all into the same thing at the same time, especially when it comes to movies. This is even better when they are inspirational ones!

We are definitely going to have one of our famous movie nights when Zootopia comes out on Blu-ray™, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere June 7! You can order your copy here. I can already see the pillows and blankets piled up on the couch while we snack on “bunny” food, aka carrots and other fresh fruits and veggies while Emmy hops around the family room!

We are so looking forward to bringing home this hilarious adventure full of action, heart, and tons of bonus extras that take you deeper into the world of Zootopia. It’s big fun for all shapes and species!

How do you encourage your children to keep following their dreams?


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