Making Mommy & Daughter Time A Priority
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Making Mommy & Daughter Time A Priority

Making Mommy & Daughter Time A Priority

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Junior. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Emmy and I have been going back to our “fun Friday” Mommy and daughter times like we used to do when she was littler, but this time around we have been doing it on Sunday mornings. I had the idea to start them back up again all because of Mother’s Day.

I started thinking about how one of my favorite days of the year is Mother’s Day, but that I shouldn’t have to wait for one day a year to enjoy time with my youngest. I’ve made the excuse that I don’t have the time like I did before to always go somewhere special together on our Mommy and daughter dates, but then I realized that Emmy doesn’t care about that. She cares that we are together, and that we are having fun. I’ve started looking for other ways we can be together and have fun at home.

When we were at Walmart this past week we decided to buy some new Minnie Mouse dresses for our upcoming trip to Disney World and we also ended up buying some Disney Junior. Minnie Mouse items for us to play with together back at home including the Minnie Bow-Tique Fancy Bows Dress with Headband and the Disney Minnie Bowtastic Kitchen Playset.minnie mouse dresses

Taking Emmy to pick our new clothes is so much fun.

This time it was extra awesome because she loves Minnie Mouse as much as I do. It’s so fun to share something special from my own childhood with her! Plus we are both loving all the colors and styles of these dresses!parenting time We both could hardly wait to get home to start playing with her new toy and of course she wanted to immediately get changed into her new clothes too!

Once she was all dolled up in her new Minnie Mouse clothes, we started our play time with her showing me how she draws Minnie Mouse. As much as we are similar, we are also so different. Case in point, I can’t even draw stick figures, and Emmy can draw a pretty good Minnie Mouse! She was trying so hard to teach me to draw her too, but I’m afraid it just wasn’t happening. That’s okay though because we both loved playing with the Disney Minnie Bowtastic Kitchen Playset and that is something we both could enjoy together. Disney Minnie Bowtastic Kitchen Playset playing We took turns “making” food for each other.  Disney Minnie Bowtastic Kitchen Playset Somehow Emmy always needed help washing the dishes.

Thankfully they weren’t actually dirty… but still! We made pretend casseroles, pastries, crapes, hot chocolate and so much more! That was just in the first few hours. We’ve been playing with it a little bit here and there for days now!  What I love the most about our mommy & daughter times is that once she puts on her Minnie Mouse costume and dresses, and we bring our her new toy something really magical happens.

We start talking about life just as much as we talk about the toy. I ask her about her life, about her friends at school, about her dreams… and normally I would get answers like “fine”, it’s good, they are good, nothing super deep. But during these times I get real answers, some of which are even told to me with a Minnie Mouse voice. I hear about how she is really feeling and we are able to spend some really good times together. I love these mommy moments with her!

the importance of mommy daughter time

You can do your own Mother’s Day all year long by picking some time each week to just hang out with your kids and enjoy some time together.

Are you a Minnie Mouse fan too?

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