Make Your Counter Beautiful With A Rubbermaid Dish Rack
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Make Your Counter Beautiful With A Rubbermaid Dish Rack

Make Your Counter Beautiful With A Rubbermaid Dish Rack

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rubbermaid dish rack

Summertime brings out the home improvement and redecorating bug in me. We still have a couple weeks to go till it’s officially summer, but I started to feel it early this year. When I was shopping at Target I saw this Rubbermaid Dish Rack and I knew I had to have it. I was able to save some money when I bought it using Target Cartwheel card holder special offer: 15% off Rubbermaid Deluxe Drainer!

This is what my sink area used to look like.

We’ve had this one for years and it’s an old style that gets discolored and is hard to keep clean.


And this is how my new one looks!

It is definitely a revolutionary dish rack and is the perfect tool for hand-washing expensive cookware, flatware, pots and pans that would risk being ruined if put in the dishwasher. It also looks great!
rubbermaid dish rack target

Here is what it looks like empty.

I’m sure we will never see it like this again because it is so useful. If you look and see it doesn’t have a bottom layer to it which I think is genius and helps to keep it fresh and clean. It’s also really easy to slide it over and clean under it. I also really like the flat part all the way to the right. It’s perfect for bigger pots since there is no upper rail on the side and it can hang over a bit.

new dish rack rubbermaid


We had some afternoon drinks this weekend and I decided to test it out and see how well everything fit in there.

You can see I packed it in and it still looks great on my counter!

There are 6 glasses, a cutting board and a serving pitcher along with some utensils. It is so easy to work everything in and it could hold even more! 

If you have a baby at home it would be perfect for bottles. Or maybe you entertain a lot? It holds wine glasses wonderfully!

dish rack by rubbermaid review

Here is another close up. Looks so much better than my old one! 


How would you use the Rubbermaid Dish Rack?



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