Jamaica Luxury Family Vacation Planner Day 5
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Jamaica Luxury Family Vacation Planner Day 5

Jamaica Luxury Family Vacation Planner Day 5


We woke up to beautiful skies after a night of tropical rain at our partner, Franklyn D. Resort. It was heavenly sleeping through it and having rain falling down against our windows. Throughout the day there were some stray showers here and there that cooled everything down…

fdr resort slide

Emmy and Ashley went down “Big Blue” over and over again… and they lost count after 35 times. I’m not kidding.

things for kids to do at fdr jamaica

After hours of sliding and swimming they took a break to make some bracelets. They are both really enjoying the resort and Ashley said this is one of her favorite places… it’s laid back and full of fun things to do all the time. This makes me extra happy because at 13 I think it’s great when a teen can still feel like a kid.


We also had a quick trip to the onsite nurse’s station. When you travel with kids you hope you won’t need a Dr. or nurse, but there is so much piece of mind knowing they are there if you need them. Thankfully Emmy just had a bug bite that was bothering her and we stopped in for some itch relief cream. We were in and out quickly. Our Nanny, Claudette, has been with us every step of the way and the girls (and we) just adore her!


After seeing the nurse, we all started to get hungry. We love how the menu is posted on the board so we can see what we will be eating…


Maddie and I squealed out loud when we saw rice on the menu again. This time it was cooked in coconut milk. It was so good. The chef here cooks the best rice we have ever had!


franklyn d resort drinks

After lunch, Pete and I picked up some drinks to take back to the room. They have a smoothie bar and premium liquor bar in the center of the resort. Pete had a tropical fruit smoothie and I had a sparkling lemonade. We were both planning to get some work done so these were the safest options for us. You all don’t want to see me on Twitter after having a cocktail. Trust me…

jamaica vacation

While we had cold drinks and worked on our ocean view porch, the girls went with Claudette to see what activities were available…franklyn d resort kids activities list
franklyn d resort jamaica nannies

And then joined some of the other kids for some fun…


The days go by way too quickly. It felt like we sat down minutes before and then boom, it was dinner time.

We took Emmy to kids dinner right before we went to ours. She wanted to eat hers at the grill area that is set up for kids, so we obliged and then moved her and her plate over to the family dining area for a buffet on the ocean. The sand was still a bit wet from the recent rain, so the meal was actually served in the open air dining room that looks out over the ocean. They say it’s even more magical when served on the beach, but I can’t imagine how it could get better.

beach party dinner




Emmy crashed pretty hard and was asleep by 8pm.

Here is our day five video recap:

Pete and I took a little walk down the pier as the sun was setting… and that was the perfect ending to a perfect day in Jamaica! 

sunset jamaica runaway bay

Where is your dream destination? 


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