I’m Growing Family Memories With Miracle Grow

I’m Growing Family Memories With Miracle Grow

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I’m Growing Family Memories With Miracle Grow

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every spring time I start to get the itch to get outside, spend time with my family and grow something. This year I’ve been plotting and planning for months and we are so excited to grow pumpkins, strawberries and tomatoes. 


When I am growing all these fruits and veggies I’m not just growing food. I’m also growing memories with my family. 

We spend uninterrupted quality time picking out what to grow…

(I had no idea there were so many types of pumpkins!) and endless hours tending to our garden. It’s a labor of love and it is memories my children will remember forever. 


Because we dedicate so much to growing and nurturing our garden we have a few simple tips that we use each year to ensure our growing efforts are a success.

  1. Plant early. We don’t have to worry about frost around here so that is not a concern. We plant early to get the largest growing time possible. This makes for really big pumpkins.
  2. Research how much to water. Too much or too little can both hurt your plants.
  3. Weed regularly. Don’t let the weeds get all the water or sunlight.
  4. Assign everyone a task. Little ones can water and older ones can weed. Have weekly meetings about progress and goals.
  5. Use Miracle-Gro! We know our garden will grow big and strong with Miracle-Gro. Years ago when we grew our first garden we were not getting good results at all. I shared this with a friend and she instantly recommended Miracle-Gro and it’s been our secret weapon ever since!


I know that everyone has a different reason for why they grow. I grow for the family memories… be sure to share your story of why you grow at Gro Something Greater (and you can read why other people grow} and then share a little bit in the comments below too! I can’t wait to hear why you grow!


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