How We Got Peanut Butter Happy At The Pumpkin Patch
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How We Got Peanut Butter Happy At The Pumpkin Patch

How We Got Peanut Butter Happy At The Pumpkin Patch

jif bars

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved the rain, sunflowers and pumpkin patches. 

Where this all came from I have no idea… but I’m okay with that. There are worse things to love right? Sunflowers just make me happy. I remember driving on a tour bus in France and going through miles and miles of sunflower fields. This was back when you actually had to get your film developed and I remember picking the pictures up and the young man apologizing for all the pictures turning out the same. Little did he know that I had take multiple rolls of pictures of the same thing. I still love to look at those pictures!

Then there is the rain. It is such a rare occurrence here is SoCal that I’m not the only one that loves the rain around here. Whenever water starts falling from the sky we all go into shock like it’s a holiday.

Combine those with a pumpkin patch and I’m over the moon happy. Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch and they had sunflowers and today it’s actually raining. Well at least the ground is wet, around these parts that is considered rain.

So I would say it’s been a good couple days.  

peanut butter happy

Since having kids, going to the pumpkin patch has become even more special.

I think my love of it is even wearing off on them. They too all look forward to going and we have created quite a few traditions of things we always do. 

This year I’m calling it “How we got (get) peanut butter happy at the pumpkin patch”!

pumpkin patch


First thing is we find a wheel barrow! 

Always have, always will! I can’t believe how much she has grown from her first pumpkin patch to 6th! I wonder if this is the same wheel barrow? This totally makes me want another baby… but I digress…

pumpkin patch san diego

After that we take pictures with the pumpkins.

I take a group shot and then individual ones. They are such a great group and totally humor me and allow me to take as many pictures as I want. 

corn maze

Then it’s time for the maze competition.

This is serious business and there are HUGE bragging rights attached to this. This year Emmy and Ashley won, although they were closely followed by Maddie and Pete.

jif bars snack

At this point we are normally hungry and a bit tired, so we take a break on the tractor trailer ride. 

I always pack a snack in my purse and this year I brought Jif™ Peanut Butter Granola Bars! It’s awesome that we can enjoy the delicious taste of Jif® peanut butter in a perfect new snack! The combination of creamy Jif® Peanut Butter with chewy granola delivers the flavors we all love.

They are also a great energizing snack before the gym or a quick snack on-the-go, Jif™ Bars are sure to make you peanut butter happy!

jif bars peanut butter

Jif™ Peanut Butter Granola Bars have creamy, fresh roasted Jif layers partnered with chewy, crunchy granola with about 7-8g of protein in each bar!

They are available now in grocery stores nationwide in the following flavors: Jif Bars Creamy Peanut Butter, Jif Bars Crunchy Peanut Butter, and Jif Bars Peanut Butter Chocolate.

hayride with snacks

Jif Bars Peanut Butter Chocolate was our favorite! There wasn’t a bar left when we were done with them!

picking a pumpkin

The last stop on our pumpkin patch adventures is to pick out our pumpkins. We all voted that Maddie picked the best one. It was a perfect 10! The shape, color and look at that stem!

Do you have any pumpkin patch traditions?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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