How To Wrap Your Last Minute Christmas Gifts Like A Pro with Walgreen Holiday Solutions

How To Wrap Your Last Minute Christmas Gifts Like A Pro with Walgreen Holiday Solutions

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If I had to describe my life in one word it would be busy. A good busy though. Life is full and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Now that Christmas is in full swing, I’ve got Christmas gift ideas on my mind. I know that I’m only going to get busier so I’m making a plan to get through this busy time, while making this a Christmas my family will always remember. Part of my plan is to make a list of everyone I need to buy a gift for. I know I’m bound to forget someone or a couple someones so I’m also adding a couple extra gifts to the list that I can give out for those forgotten occasions. Then if I need a last minute gift idea I’ll already have it on hand! 

Thinking of creative gift ideas is one of the hardest parts of Christmas shopping so I’m relying on the Walgreens Holiday Guide to help me make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true! Using the guide, I’m going down my list and using their suggestions to choose gifts. I’m also counting on Walgreens to make my gifts look special and not something I just grabbed and gifted. I want my gift recipients to know that I care and that they are special to me. 

I’ve put together these quick tips to help anyone wrap their gifts like a pro!

With inspiration from the Walgreens Happy & Healthy Gift Guide, I’ve created some simple tips to make your gifts look like they were wrapped by a pro! Walgreens has a huge selection of gift wrap, bows, bags and so much more! In between picking up my daughters from school I hopped into Walgreens and bought some supplies to make my gifts sparkle…

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Tip #1: Pick a theme- I am in love with Walgreens “Let It Snow” selection. It looks like a perfect snowy Christmas day and really makes me happy. Pick your favorite theme and go with it! I saw delightful Santa themes and so much more. Just make sure that you pick something that you love and you will be inspired to create your own wrapped masterpiece!

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Tip #2: Go for more than one color- The snow theme has silver, white, grey and blue colors and they all compliment each other. With this many colors you can use lots of shades of each color and it adds depth and excitement. 

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Tip #3: Think outside the gift wrap aisle- I love going into the ornament isle and adding sweet ornaments to my gifts. A little extra addition to a wrapped gift takes it from “I bought this and wrapped it” to “I picked this out especially for you because I care”… even if you really did just stop in and pick something up.

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Tip #4:  Let your imagination run wild- Mix and match different items to create the perfect gift. I love giving a bottle of wine with some gourmet chocolates decorating the neck of the bottle with a delicate bow. This takes two very basic items and turns it into an exceptional gift! Sometimes less is more when wrapping a gift. A special bow with something like the chocolates makes a bigger impact than huge ribbons and wrapping paper.

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Tip #5: Let others do the heavy lifting- I love giving special gifts, but I sometimes get stuck and can’t think of that special present to buy. But that’s okay. Walgreens has it covered. Inside the Walgreens Happy & Healthy Guide are tons of ideas to make your gift giving easy and your lucky gift recipients thrilled! 

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Making each gift you give out look special is easy at Walgreens! There are so many options that you can choose from, even basic things like lip gloss added to the ribbon on your gift will make it more personalized! Be sure to pick up Walgreens Holiday Guide for even more ideas!   

Do you have any wrapping tips?