How to Entertain The Easy Way with Whole Foods

How to Entertain The Easy Way with Whole Foods

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How to Entertain The Easy Way with Whole Foods


I’m getting back into the swing of things again now that Christmas is over! We had one of the best ones ever and it just makes me excited for New Year’s Eve and Day!

In our home, New Year’s Eve always involves a lot of our favorite foods and drinks… we try to keep the ball rolling each year with a bigger and better spread of yummy food to eat and I’m always looking for more great ideas to wow my guests!

This year Whole Foods, Encinitas is making it really easy for me to create a night everyone will remember!

Since I’ve practically lived at Whole Foods the past few weeks {I bought most of our Christmas Eve meal there and my daughter who is vegan got a big basket of goodies!} it was only natural that I would go to them for help planning my New Years Eve Party.


Whole Foods Encinitas hosted a Dressing Rehearsal Event recently. I traveled through the store tasting and sipping and soaking in all the ideas to make entertaining a breeze!

First stop was with the most knowledgeable wine expert I’ve ever met, Michael Langdon.

I’m not a shy person, not at all… but wine humbles me. I myself don’t drink. Long term readers know my silly heart beats to a different beat than other peoples do and I have to take medication to keep it ticking as it should. Unfortunately that means little to no alcohol. But my friends and family shouldn’t have to suffer since I can’t sip on the good stuff. It also means that I don’t have much first hand knowledge on what’s good and what’s not. I need a Pro to hold my hand and lead the way. That guy is Michael.

Michael is well known in the area. Like, if you mention wine and Michael in the same sentence people know exactly who you are talking about, no last name needed!

I’m really working on not feeling embarrassed and asking questions about wine. I know that sounds silly since asking questions is what I do for a living {and blog about what I learn after asking}, but when it’s a question I need answered for myself like, “What red wine should I serve with Italian food” I clam up. I’m working on it… and having a safe place to ask them really helps. Michael filled me in on his top picks in my price range and I was off to the next stop…



With these fun guys… Ryan The Beer Guru and Specialty Team Leader Garrett!

I totally cheated and had one small sip of beer. I’m totally okay doing that and I’m so glad I did.

At Ryan’s suggestion I tried the Liefmans Cuvee Brut. It’s a beer, but it’s so much more. Back in the day {cough, cough, college… I did go to San Diego State after all} I learned that there is more to beer than the cheap stuff.

Although this is a surprising lesson to learn in the midst of poor college students, I had a friend who knew better and splurged on occasion. Those were some good days.

This here beer, is a splurge worthy beer. With hints of cherries and undertones of sweet and sour. I’m in love! I’m so glad I learned about it. I’ll be picking up a few bottles for the beer drinkers on New Year’s Eve.


That’s about the time I was directed to the cheese to really understand all about pairings. 

I’m happy to say that I now understand how that all works… and I also understand that I don’t have to really understand it. I can just hop over to Whole Foods and ask for help. Seriously you can walk in and say you want to create a cheese platter and serve it with wine. They will pick out cheeses you will love and help you choose the perfect wines to go with them {or beer… I totally recommend the beer too!}


I almost don’t want to share this part because I’ll be giving away all my secrets. 

Each Whole Foods has the liberty to create their own prepared foods. My office is just around the corner from Whole Foods La Jolla and I live closer to Whole Foods Encinitas so I know first hand that they are really different. Encinitas has a whole lot more vegan products which is great for my daughter. La Jolla has a bigger hot bar area and more freezer items.

Encinitas also has the most amazing prepared dips and appetizers. I kinda wanted to take the credit for these creations since I’ll be serving on New Year’s Eve, but they are too good to keep a secret! Seriously amazing food here!

My favorites were the Hot Cheese and Roasted Brussels Sprout Dip and The Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Beer Cheese Dip! They are all packed up and ready for you to grab and go!



And then there is the coffee and desserts. The samples were huge but they were so good I still wanted more because they were that good! I also sampled the holiday decaf blend. Whole Foods does a limited run on that years holiday blend. I am a serious coffee snob and I loved it. Be sure to pick some up before it’s all gone!

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If you are looking for help entertaining be sure to stop by Whole Foods in Encinitas!
They’ve got you covered!

Learn More About Whole Foods Encinitas: Website, Facebook and Twitter

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