How to clean your purse and keep it looking new!

How to clean your purse and keep it looking new!

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Do you remember the purse I bought almost 2 years ago? The one I paid $110 for that is regularly $345? Yep, that one!


I’m so excited to share my little cleaning secret with you!

Before I spill the beans I also want to point out that I always buy quality purses. If you want something to last is has to be made out of good materials and it has to be made well. I know it’s sometimes seems like a good idea to buy a less expensive purse, but buying the cheaper ones can easily add up. My good purses easily last me 5 years or more… I just tend to buy them a bit more often because I like to buy new ones, not because I really need a new one. If you do the math, a cheaper one at $30 that only lasts 6 months would cost you $300 over 5 years. My good one only cost me $110 over 5 years. If you want to see how I saved so much on this purse please read this post.

Back to my secret purse cleaner. It’s baby wipes! When my oldest was a baby almost 13 years ago {cry!}… she “slimed” my purse. I know “slimed” is not a real word… but she totally drooled all over my new purse and then spit up too. I wanted to cry but instead I reached for the only thing I could at the moment and that was a baby wipe. The baby wipe cleaned it right up and then some. I didn’t stop on the baby mess spot, I kept cleaning {with a new wipe of course} the scuff marks on the bottom and the dirt on the side. It not only got everything clean but it was gentle and made the purse shine when I was done.

Do you have a special cleaning secret?