Fresh Blueberry & Coconut Bars
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Fresh Blueberry & Coconut Bars

Fresh Blueberry & Coconut Bars

My recipe for fresh blueberry and coconut bars is written in partnership with Kelapo Coconut Oil.

blueberry coconut bars

I am in love with blueberries right now.

I can’t get enough of them and the girls are loving them too! We eat them fresh from the farm and sometimes if there are any left I make these amazing blueberry and coconut bars! These are like a flaky, buttery shortbread… but did I mention they are also vegan, egg free and dairy free? Yep! They totally are!

These are perfect to make as a first day of school celebration breakfast or as after school treat! They are not too sweet at all, just enough to balance the tart from the berries.


It’s important to use a really high quality coconut oil when making them because so much of the flavor comes from it. That is why I use Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! 

When I make  these for breakfast I make them the day before but when they are for an after school treat I make them right before the girls get home and I serve them fresh out of the oven. They are fabulous both ways!

blueberry bars

I’m so excited to share with you the complete recipe on the Kelapo Blog. Hope on over and take a look!



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