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Are you thinking of starting a blog or growing your blog into something much bigger than it is now? I say do it!  This is your year! Anything is possible. Read on…

Writing Full Price? NEVER! has been a journey for me and then some. I’ve enjoyed every step of the way and I’ve grown in more ways than one… and I’ve got huge plans for the future.

Along the way I’ve learned many things. This little blog of mine started as a hobby. It’s since turned into my full time job. Blogging is NOT a 9-5 position. There are no sick days and there are no set hours… but that is what makes it fun.

Here are my top tips if you are thinking of starting a blog or if you are ready to take your blog to the next step.

  • Follow your passion. Everyone says that, and you might think it is a given… but really think about what makes you happy. What do you love to talk about? What do you find yourself talking to your friends about? That is what your blog should be about. Write what you love and the readers will come {with a little help on your part, more on that later}
  • Bring a note pad with you everywhere. I keep my planer with me wherever I go. You never know where an idea will come from. I get my best blog post ideas in the car and in the shower. You can imagine that the ones that actually make it on the blog are the ones that I get in the car. It’s hard to write them down in the shower.
  • Network. Bloggers are very nice people {for the most part, wink}. Ask questions. We love what we do and we like to share what we know. Feel free to email me and we can talk fullpricenever at gmail dot com
  • Don’t worry if others tell you there are too many of the kind of blog you want to start or grow. There is always room at the top.
  • Think outside to box in everything you do
  • Don’t give up. It took me over a year and a half to really feel like I had my blogging going in the direction I wanted it to go.
  • Don’t settle for good enough. Once I feel like I’ve got my blogging to where I want it to be I keep going. I’m always surprised how much better it can get after I thought it was good enough.

Here are the top 2 things that I did {and you can too} that made the most difference in my blogs growth

1. Networked. Hands down, getting to know other bloggers opened my blog up to so many more opportunities.

2. Invested in my business {Full Price? Never! blog} I started treating my blog like a business and not a hobby. I set aside a small amount of money and I planned out how to spend it. Some of the first money I ever spent was to buy these two books:

  • ProBlogger’s 31 Days To A Better Blog Click here to visit ProBlogger.  Wish. I. Had. Bought. This. Book. Sooner. I’ve read it through and now I’m going back and doing everything that was discussed. I’ve even joined a blogger group much like a book club just to talk about everything that is included in this book. I feel like I’ve gone from kinder gardener to senior in my blogging from this book.
  • Your First Week Blogging Click here to view more details I bought this book a year and a half after I started blogging. Don’t let the title fool you. If I had actually bought it during my first week I can’t even imagine where my blog would be today. It’s that good. I re-read it often. There are certain basic moves that you should take that are not commonly know that super charge your blog and your writing. This is a must read.
These 2 books are the reason I was able to start blogging full time and actually make money.
Ready to get started? There are a few options for actually starting a blog. Blogger is a great way to start. It’s very user friendly and you can’t break it. It’s important to get feedback on your writing and to create a conversations. To start off invite your friends and family. You would be surprised at the writing  inspiration you will get from your every day life once you have an outlet to explore it.
Last step… email me your new blog so I can follow you!
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