Football Party Ideas!

Football Party Ideas!

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One of my favorite parts of football season is having everyone over to watch the game and eat some game day food! Now that THE big game is only a week away I’m really excited  to plan some good food to eat… but I also don’t want to be locked away in the kitchen. I want to be where the action is… especially when the commercials are on! Last weekend I threw a little football party using these football party ideas I created as a test for the big game starting soon! It was a great time! #collectivebias #GameTimeGoodies

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I headed over to Walmart to pick up some great tasting food that is also easy to prepare so that I can have fun with my guests. I started a fun tradition a couple years ago of serving a different course of food at eat quarter. 

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I took hot pockets and sliced them into threes and added these cute football toothpicks to them to make them more festive. They are the perfect appetizers and come in lots of different flavors. I bought the ham and cheese in crescent bread and the pepperoni pizza in garlic buttery seasoned crust!

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The second quarter always seems to happen way quicker than I think it will… thankfully I had this Digiorno Rising Crust pizza ready to go right when the clock said it was 2nd quarter time! I had a little extra cheddar cheese so I sprinkled that on top to give it a little more jazz. It didn’t need any help being delicious… but I still liked the added color!

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Once third quarter came around the Stouffer’s Meat Lasagna was ready! This was a huge hit and there is so much of it that my parents took the rest home for lunch the next day! I loved that there was no clean up after I put the whole thing into the oven and then served it from the same pan!

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There were a few moments when I wasn’t sure if there was even going to be room in our stomachs for more food… but as soon as I brought out the dessert tray we all found some space! I bought the DREYER’S Limited Edition Touchdown Sundae Ice Cream and NESTLE Crunch Dipped Drumsticks for us all to enjoy.

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I wanted to serve the ice cream in a fun way that is still easy to eat while we watch the big game so I made some chocolate chip cookies and added some ice cream to them to make ice cream sandwiches! So good!!!

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How do you celebrate the big game? 


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