Florida Tour Day 10 The Florida Keys
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Florida Tour Day 10 The Florida Keys

Florida Tour Day 10 The Florida Keys

morning coffee

Visiting The Florida Keys has been on my travel list for as long as I can remember, so today was a much anticipated day! We started the day with coffee on our balcony at Naples Bay Resort with this view! It really felt like we were in Europe as we relaxed out there.

florida road trip

After that, we packed up the Toyota Highlander and started the drive to Key Largo through the Florida Everglades…

florida everglades

When we left Naples, we thought it would be a 3 hour drive, which ended up taking almost 6 hours after we drove through the worst storm I’ve ever experienced. The wind was whipping and the rain was so thick that we couldn’t see at all in front of us.  If that wasn’t enough, there were lightning strikes non stop as close as a couple car lengths away.


Once we made it to a high area, we stopped at Starbucks for an hour. Pete and I got some work done, and we all enjoyed a drink before getting back on the road.


The storm calmed down for a little while and we were able to make it onto Key Largo.

ocean pointe suites



We chose Key Largo for this trip since we were trying to fit in so many places into the time we had here. Since we are already planning a visit back this fal,l we will be visiting Key West and some other Keys during that visit. I think that is going to work out perfectly, giving us a little flavor of the Keys!


Our two bedroom suite at Ocean Pointe Suites in Key Largo was like stepping back in time to a slower more authentic Caribbean Island. It really reminds us of our Jamaican trip last month. These suites are all about the unobstructed views. The water off our balcony is so clear and I’m hoping we see some sea animals during our stay.  


For dinner, we headed to a local Italian restaurant (Notice a pattern here? I LOVE PASTA,) and then we returned back to our hotel and watched the lightning show from our suite. We all feel asleep pretty quickly with the sounds of thunder far off in the distance!

We are hoping for better weather tomorrow so that we can learn about dolphins and sea turtles….something that we all have been looking forward to!

Here is a video of our suite:

Have you been to the Florida Keys?


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