Five Fun Family Vacation Traditions to Start Now
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Five Fun Family Vacation Traditions to Start Now

Five Fun Family Vacation Traditions to Start Now

Five Fun Family Vacation Traditions to Start Now

1. Always do something new. This doesn’t have to be skydiving or anything like that, but whale watching, or hiking to a new spot is good. Just make sure you do something you’ve never done. A family first is a great way to bond.

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2. Make planning a family thing. Start a tradition of having a planning party once you’ve picked the location. We have the girls all do some research and bring their ideas of what to see and do to our planning party. This gets us all excited for our upcoming trip and the girls have discovered some things that I never would have!


3. Always try new food. We look for some non-touristy places to eat at wherever we go. So far we’ve been to an all vegan Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas, and an all vegan sushi restaurant in San Francisco that nobody would normally recommend to tourists. Both places were amazing. Had we not ventured off the normal tourist path, we never would have found them. This is also true for visiting places known for certain foods… you have to try whatever the area is famous for! 


4. Always take a family picture on the last day of your trip. We’ve taken this same picture in the same spot for 10 years now. But we also always take a picture on the last day of every vacation to keep as a memory.

5. Make it a tradition to buy a keepsake magnet to remember the trip by. We let Emmy pick out the magnet and she has the honor of adding it to our travel magnet collection around our microwave, but we all get to enjoy it and the memories it holds.

Another fun family travel idea is to stay in a vacation rental.

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