Family Life Tip: Multipurpose Shopping Trips
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Family Life Tip: Multipurpose Shopping Trips

Family Life Tip: Multipurpose Shopping Trips

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own. 20160410_162402

Since we started traveling more, my time back at home is even more precious. Every second has to count, and I need to get the most our of everything I do… shopping included. I remember those days when the big girls were little, and I would pack them up for some leisurely fun out shopping. It seemed a bit hectic back then, when they were both tiny, but those times were actually pretty mellow compared to these days. With three kids all running in different directions… I use all the family time saving tips I possibly can. Like multipurpose shopping trips, or in this case multi person shopping trips.  

shopping with family

It’s no secret that Pete and Ashley love fitness… they also love fitness shoes, shorts, equipment and pretty much everything else sports related. I do too… just not as much as they do. We always seem to be running from store to store buying them what they need to get for their next workout that it seems like I am often an afterthought. They don’t plan it that way, but it just happens. A couple months ago Pete was given a DICK’s Sporting Goods gift card from his brother for his birthday so we all went together while he spent it. 

We were all really surprised that DICKS’s carries so many different things. They really are a one-stop shop for the entire family’s sporting goods needs.   20160410_162930

We’ve since been back a few times, and when they reached out to work together, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I love sharing things that make our lives easier, and having a place to go to where everyone in the family can get the sporting goods that they need all in one place is something everyone needs to know about.


On this shopping trip it was just Pete, Ashley, and I. Maddie and Emmy were working on another project so we had planned just to shop for ourselves. Pete bought new workout shoes. I needed some good sandals to walk in (Am I the only one that likes to go for long walks in flip-slops? Does that totally prove that I’m a born and raised Californian? So many questions!) and Ashley needed a new kettlebell and ab roller. We didn’t plan to buy the other girls anything on this trip… but we saw these shorts (below) and we had to buy them for Emmy. They were too cute to pass up on! She is “training” for a fun run and she is actually taking it pretty seriously…eventhough she is just 6, so she was thrilled to have new shorts!

shopping trip

Everyone had a great time with their new sports gear! I’m even wearing my new shoes while taking this picture!

family workout


Next time you need to buy new sporting goods for the whole family be sure to head over to DICK’s. 

What do you do to save time with the whole family?


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