Easiest way to make a store bought pizza even better…

Easiest way to make a store bought pizza even better…

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This is the easiest {and tastiest} way to make a store bought pizza even better!


This is one of those things I really want to share even though it’s not the most exciting thing to talk about… but if you are like me and love pizza it will be exciting once you try it!

I have a confession to make…I am in love with store bought pizzas. There is just something about still baking your own pizza even when you don’t have time to make your own from scratch.


I don’t just leave store bought pizzas alone. I jazz them up. I start with a basic pizza and add my favorite toppings and turn it into much more than a store bought pizza!

Although a real cheese pizza is totally acceptable and there are a couple vegan ones I really love too… I still like to jazz them up a bit with a couple special toppings. Roasted peppers and onions to be exact.


I even cheat and buy the peppers and onions from the salad bar.Once I’m home I slice them up and either use them right away or I freeze them for the next pizza!


The flavors are perfect and it makes for such an easy and tasty weeknight meal! What are your favorite pizza toppings?


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