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  1. Hi Heather!! My name is Danny and I work with Jeff Civillico, the 2:00pm headliner at The Quad in Las Vegas.

    We’ve noticed that many of our show peers here in Vegas have reviews on your site and WE WANT IN :) What’s the show about??

    Jeff Civillico blends physical comedy, action-packed stunts and world-class juggling with friendly audience interaction and insane amounts of energy in this side-splitting afternoon show. One of the youngest headliners on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, Jeff has performed everywhere from Disney resorts to the White House, as well as on television, and most recently starred in the Travel Channel show Vegas Strip Search. Don’t miss this rising young star and his hilarious, family-friendly show!

    We’d love for you to come see the show for yourself! We’d of course be happy to comp you and your family/friends at any point. Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  2. Hi Heather. I’m in the planning stages of making a ceramic mural 40×13 to place over a cook top. I looked over your tile transfer photo project. Thumbs up!!! It might be the transfer of image to tile solution for me.
    Question: Are the fished tiles washable, being it will be tiled over a cook-top and will be needed to be cleaned from some grease, etc. ? Looking fwd to your reply. Thanks, Ita

    • Hi Ita,

      Thanks for the question. I would think you would need a stronger top layer… maybe check at a craft store and see what they recommend.

      Totally cool idea to use them like that :-)

  3. Hi Heather,

    You totally made my wife’s day when you posted our photo on Facebook:

    We’re happy people like it. THANKS!

  4. Yif'at Dorenbush says:

    Dear Heather,
    My name is Yif’at, and I am from Israel.
    I saw your posts on facebook, and it caught me in a “down” moment.
    It was so comforting!
    Thank you, and have a great day.

  5. Hi Heather,
    Thank you for taking the time for sharing your daily inspirations for all of us to read.
    Now I look forward to them and also enjoy the fact that they are short and to the point !!

    Keep hitting them out of the park !!

  6. Melanie Haughton says:

    Dear Heather,
    There are many out there – especially on Facebook – that post inspirational pieces, but I have to say that I am a great follower of yours. I have particularly followed the Desiderata (by Max Ehrman). I particularly like this piece as its does not hide from the fact that all is not well in our world, but with personal emotional strength and tolerance of others (“even the dull and ignorant”) you can truly feel a part of humanity and not feel out of it. It sounds vaguely religious, but as the Desiderata continues “Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be” you don’t have to be Christian for it to be relevant to you.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more inspirational articles from you.

    Birmingham, UK

    • Hi Melanie,
      Thank you so much for the message! I love that the quotes speak to you like they do to me!

      • Melanie Haughton says:

        Many Thanks for your rapid reply, Heather. I was just sat at home earlier listening to some music and the following struck me.

        “In an ugly world it is reassuring to know that there is still much beauty to be found!”

        I am not sure if that statement has ever been put in print before. I have never even read it or heard it anywhere! I’d love to put that thought into a picture, but sadly I don’t have any photo-editing software on my computer.


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