Blue Man Group Las Vegas With Kids Review
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Blue Man Group Las Vegas With Kids Review

Blue Man Group Las Vegas With Kids Review

There are a lot of entertainment options for families in Las Vegas. Today I’m sharing one of our favorites. I was provided comped tickets to facilitate this review.

Blue Man Group Las Vegas

This is not your typical show. 

The show was a combination of loud music, spectacular lights, and highly creative segments.  The stars of the show were the 3 Blue Men who performed tricks, played music on some very unique instruments, and wound up the audience for a very high energy couple hours of Vegas fun! 

PHOTO CREDIT Denise Truscello

There were many moments that we thought were over the top fun… 

The 70 show minutes go by really quickly. From before the show even starts the anticipation is built up so that everyone is ready for a good time. Once the Blue Men are on stage it’s a smooth transition into the entertainment portion. I loved the the Blue Man experience is more than just the show. When you are taking children to a show the hardest part can be the wait for the show to start and that was definitely not a problem with the Blue Men Group.

blue man2
PHOTO CREDIT Denise Truscello

The Blue Man Group is a variety show with music, tricks and cool lighting.

There is tons of audience participation and shooting of stuff into the audience. Non of it scary. The three “blue men” take you to another world or dimension if you will, and make you feel like you are in a huge party. 

It was absolutely family friendly. I would have no problem taking my 4 year old to see it. My older two at 14 and 12 really liked it too. 

blue man 3
PHOTO CREDIT Denise Truscello

When I asked the girls what their favorite part was was they said it was when they released GIANT balls from the ceiling. These enormous beach balls were batted around the audience for everyone to hit and play with.  Then they released confetti, tissue paper, and more at the audience during the grand finale and the girls went crazy!

The Blue Man group is the headlining show at The Monte Carlo and the theater is very easy to locate. Tickets can be purchased in advance or once you are in Las Vegas. I would recommend adding it to your list of shows to see with your children in Las Vegas.

Learn More about The Blue Man Group on their Website, Twitter and Facebook.

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