Be Prepared For An Emergency with a Duracell Batteries Safety Adventure Kit
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Be Prepared For An Emergency with a Duracell Batteries Safety Adventure Kit

Be Prepared For An Emergency with a Duracell Batteries Safety Adventure Kit

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Living in Southern California, we are taught at a very young age about the importance of having an emergency kit.

It needs to hold 3 days of supplies for everything you need to survive, and I have one of those… but since having children I’ve realized that as important as having an emergency kit is, I also need a “Safety Adventure Kit”. Our “SAK” as I call it, is a level down from the food, clothes and other necessities in our emergency kit. I put a ton of thought into my “SAK” kits and after the last fires it was time to refill our kit so I headed to Walmart and picked up some new things. Duracell Batteries were at the top of my list of things to pick up because those are important for safety and for fun!

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Our “SAK” is more about making an ordeal into an adventure.

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And that is how I want my girls to handle difficult situations, especially emergencies. I want them to feel safe and in control of the situation and to look at it as an adventure as opposed to a scary emergency. Just last month we had some wildfires breakout in San Diego. This one was way too close to our house and all the kids were sent home from school. The fires are fueled by Santa Ana winds and often times our electricity goes out. 

It’s times like these that I am most appreciative of our “SAK” kits!

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One of the most important things in our kit are dependable batteries.

I want to make sure that if the lights go out we have a way to keep things bright… and a way to have fun! I include a bunch of things in our kit, like the following:

  • Drinks- water and sports drinks. Sports drinks are a treat for the girls and I want them to think of this as a special time not scary.
  • Quiet activities- like glow in the dark and light up boards or coloring books and crayons.
  • Candy- again, another treat that will take their mind off the emergency and focus more on the memories we are making.
  • Snacks- fruit strips, fruit in a cup and crackers. I pack snacks that have a long expiration date and that the girls love.
  • Portable lights- This is the most important part of my kit. I have 3 different types of lights. A headlamp, lantern and work light. These are what I use to set up the girls favorite part of the kit!

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 The little one loves this game and doesn’t even realize that there is an emergency going on around us! We call it “finding light”. First thing we do is set up the headlamp and give her a lollipop. This keeps her busy for awhile enjoying the treat and making funny shapes with the headlamp. She loves that whichever direction she turns her head the light follows. You should see her dance with it on!

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 Next she goes searching throughout the house looking for the rest of the “light”.

We explore while looking for them and she leads the way with her headlamp. Before she sets off on this adventure Pete and I, or the older girls set all the lights up in different places throughout the house so that they are all ready for her to discover! It’s fun for the whole family!

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As she finds the lights she gets to turn them on and she gets so excited as she finds them. After they are all on she gets to choose which ones she wants to have with her… and sometimes she wants them all. Little ones change their minds all the time and find comfort in different things. Sometimes she want to just wear the headlamp, and sometimes she feels safer with that and the lantern so it’s a great idea to have lot’s of choices!

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There are some great Duracell Batteries coupons to help you save some money when you are making or updating your own “Safety Adventure Kit”!

What emergencies do you have to prepare for?



  • Mary Ann says:

    Totally agree about being prepared! We were hit by Hurricane Sandy and out of power for over 2 weeks. Very important to keep a kit ready and have a store of supplies and batteries!

  • Kungphoo says:

    Great way to assist in preparedness.. That is a great flashlight on the head..

  • Diana Villa says:

    I totally agree with you, thank you so much for sharing :)

  • Samantha Angell says:

    I love your idea of turning it into an adventure- a great way to keep the kids engaged, and they will remember it for the rest of their lives. I always have a kit in my car in the winter- being from Minnesota, we need to be prepared to potentially get stranded!

  • Paula Parker says:

    So much fun! I always stock up on batteries. I still love to color.

  • Michelle F. says:

    That is such a great kit. I love that you added toys and candy.

  • Don Purdum says:

    You can never be too prepared. I think having batteries, lights, and a full emergency kit is a great idea!

  • Heather says:

    This is an awesome idea! How often when the lights go out do we find that the things we need that takes batteries are dead. We always find that the flashlights have dead batteries. But making sure you have a kit ready along with batteries is very smart!

  • Liz Mays says:

    Seriously with your fun self? You turned that into such an exciting treasure hunt. I love your idea!

  • Maria Oller says:

    we have an emergency kit but since my kids are teenagers we didn’t add the fun book and crayons well with a baby n the way we might need to add those now

  • Great idea! Teaching her how to be prepared for an emergency without scaring her to death. I’ve always believed Duracell are the best batteries of any!

  • I agree it’s always good to be prepared . What a great prepared kit, Thanks for sharing

  • Very good idea to have an emergency kit, these are great tips!

  • Ralff Dizon says:

    The head flashlight really catches my eye, we don’t have that kind of flashlight on my place. I really want one of those.

  • Duracell is a great product, honestly it’s the only brand of batteries I use.

  • Rebecca Swenor says:

    Times have changed now with the weather going crazy everywhere. We only had electric going out during thunder and snow storms. The past couple years we have tornadoes and floods here now. I got to admit I need to get prepared and make some kits. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ivory Glass says:

    such a good idea this definitely beats running around in the dark looking for matches!

  • Aleshea says:

    I love this and that you included the girls. I love in tornado alley and sometimes you have to find ways to make fun. A few weeks back before school let out we had a dew tornados. I was at work and the kids were freaking. We have to find games and fun things we could do while taking cover so the kids wouldn’t be freaked.

  • Ann Bacciaglia says:

    It is so important to be prepared for emergencies. I love your tips and how you include things to help make the situation easier for the kids.

  • lisa says:

    She is for sure ready for an adventure! That’s a great kit to be ready with too!

  • Krystal says:

    Great tips and ideas! We live in Florida and always need to have batteries on hand for storms!

  • Joyful Gifts by Julie says:

    I love your idea of the “SAK” with little kid stuff added and not just emergency things. I’ve tested many batteries myself and duracell lasts the longest. They’re not the cheapest, but when your electricity is out for days, it’s what you need. Luv the headlamp!

  • FamiGami says:

    Talk about an awesome emergency kit! If only they could make batteries cheaper…

  • Leira Pagaspas says:

    Its always best to be prepared as you don’t know when an emergency will strike.

  • Dawn says:

    That is a great preparedness kit. I know that the batteries, especially will be really handy if the power goes out.

  • my husband is a stocker and he has tons of batteries of all different brands saved up. That is a great idea to make baskets for the kids.

  • So smart to be prepared with duracell products. It is the worst when the lights go out. My daughter I remember when the electricity went out asked if we could watch TV, it was to funny.

  • Kath Rivera says:

    Emergency kits are very important. I like Duracell batteries, they sure have long lasting life than other brands in the market today. We have different kinds of flashlight here in our house as it is regarded as a very important tool!

  • Payal Bansal (@TrendsnHealth) says:

    We have always used Duracell, they last longer and don’t cheat you when they are needed the most.

  • Chelsea says:

    This is a wonderful post. Not enough people have a kit ready in the case of an emergency.

  • Stephanie says:

    We tend to deal with hurricanes and flooding here. Thankfully, even with Hurricane Sandy, our power only flickered a few times – just enough to have to reset the clocks. Having a kit is so important though, I like the idea of including the necessities as well as something fun to entertain the kids! Thanks for sharing! #client

  • Joan Cook says:

    Awesome post! Thank you!
    Joan #client

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