Amazing Lunch Dates Can Help You Pay For College with Upromise…

Amazing Lunch Dates Can Help You Pay For College with Upromise…

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Last week Pete and I decided to have a lunch date outside the office. We never seem to have the same day available without appointments so we celebrated with a fun lunch.

It was amazing! Just the change of scenery was enough to trigger some new creative ideas for our office and our businesses… but the really great thing was that we got to spend some time together. We talked about the past, our goals and the future. 

We are really excited for the future… but we are a little perplexed how fast life has been flying by. We will have a college student in 3 1/2 years. It’s shocking for me to think that she will be in college so soon. It also made me realize how important it’s going to be that we have a good amount of savings to pay for her college education and for her sisters too!


As we were eating lunch I realized that there were a lot of little things we could do to save for college. I’m all for getting a good deal and saving money the old fashion way of budgeting and spending wise, but I do like to eat out at restaurants… so why not earn some money back when I do it. Enter Upromise.


There are people that have saved over $10,000 through Upromise, and although that most likely took some real work on their part, I’m happy just saving money with the things I normally do. Here is a video that shows how easy Upromise is to use…

Do you use Upromise? Who’s college education are you saving for?

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post. Just me thinking out loud about ways to make life better…


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