30 Days About Me: Day 8,9.10

I’m what you call, really behind! I promised myself I was going to finish this one out. It’s fun and I hate leaving things half done! Here we go! Day 8- Something You Hate I hate diseases. Really prolific, huh? It’s true though. I hate the thought of anyone being sick. It’s not fair, it’s […]

Staples $28.04 for $2.80 or less!

Another fun week at Staples. I just can’t stop but to think how much others could be saving on school/office supplies by taking advantage of all of the deals lately. I stock up big time this time of the year and I get enough to last me the whole year. I keep our actual office, […]

Walgreen’s Shoping Trip!

I did each of these 2 times… Crayola Crayons 24 pk $1 Get a $1 RR = FREE! Listerine Smart Rinse 500 ml $3 – $1/1 SS-7/31 Get $2 RR = FREE! This is another instance of getting something we really need. Love it!

Update on my daughter…

First I want to thank all of you for the comments and the emails. It’s nice to know I’ve got friends out there! The doctor didn’t have any for sure answers. He doesn’t think it’s her lymph nodes… but he thinks it is a cyst. Unfortunately it is in a bad spot {too close to […]

No "30 Days About Me" today. Mood: worried

I’m one of those moms. The paranoid ones. I think you all know by now that my kids are my world. Today I was brushing the little ones hair and I noticed a lump, a bump, a growth??? It’s right below her ear. I called the doctor as soon as they opened and they are […]

30 Days About Me: Day 6 and 7

I missed yesterdays “30 days about me” so I’m doing a double today! Day 6- Most Treasured Item- I really want to say my family. I know that that is most likely not what is really being asked… but they are my most treasured item. I’ve had a lot of time to really think about […]

Cheapo Huggies Wipes At Walgeeens! Run!

So I was so excited to get really cheap wipes. Here’s the math for you all. ( I bought 6) Buy 1 216# Huggies wipes on sale for $5.99 Use a $.50 coupon from 7/17 SS Have the cashier scan the august coupon book for $2 off Have the cashier scan the baby coupon book […]

30 Days About Me: Day 5

Today’s question is my favorite so far… What is your favorite quote? Seriously I could write all day about my favorite quotes. I was thinking I would explain each ones meaning to me… but then I realized that they each speak differently to everyone. Here are my favorites… can’t wait to read yours… please share […]

30 Days About Me: Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of “30 Days About Me”. Today question: What is my favorite book? This should be a super-duper easy question because I LOVE to read… only problem is that since I had kids there is no time for book reading. I’m thinking I read maybe 2 books a year. This is so […]

30 Days About Me: Day 3

Here we are at day 3. What’s my favorite TV show? Today’s question is both the easiest and the hardest so far. You see I’m not a huge TV person, but there are quite a few shows I like… again, depends on the stars, the moon and my mood {okay so mostly my mood}. Let’s […]