July, 2011

Hook, Line and Sinker {almost}Hook, Line and Sinker {almost}

Hi Guys! So in my quest to cut back on spending I found a local dentist office that was running a $39 new patient …

*CLOSED* I love my "Coupon Friends" Quick Giveaway!*CLOSED* I love my "Coupon Friends" Quick Giveaway!

Here’s the deal. I {heart} you guys big time! I love your comments and your emails. I won’t get too sappy but I want …

{Trimming Down Spending}{Trimming Down Spending}

I’m totally obsessed with money. Saving it, making it, spending it. Last night I decided to look at where our money is going {again}. …

Meal Plan MondayMeal Plan Monday

I’m mixing it up this {very} sunny Monday. I’m not a menu planner… I normally buy what’s cheap and then plan my meals every …

Oh the places I went!Oh the places I went!

Hi Coupon Friends! So I left you guys yesterday when I was about to head out and do some shopping. I started at Walgreen’s… …

Who I’m Following Friday!Who I’m Following Friday!

I seriously pulled out the big guns for today’s “Who I’m following”. These blogs have over 25K and the other 12K google friend followers… …

Money Saving Goals For Today!Money Saving Goals For Today!

Normally I sit down once I get the ads and go through them looking for deals that stick out and I jot them down …

Mortgage Neutral!Mortgage Neutral!

I came across this really interesting term that I’d never heard before, “mortgage neutral”. Being in real estate and loving personal finance {aka money} …

A Lesson in Saving Money!A Lesson in Saving Money!

Hi Coupon Friends! I need you to use your imagination for this one… picture 4 acres {mostly on a hill side} covered in weed …

Busy Weekend… Slow Sale Inserts, still good deals!Busy Weekend… Slow Sale Inserts, still good deals!

  It was a crazy {busy} weekend. My husband and I decided we needed to get some stuff done around the house. We made …