You kow you shop/coupon too much when…

This is an old story I never told. Back during Christmas time I was going into a certain drug store daily. I know that’s not really a revelation or anything, but it matters to the story {promise}. On one such daily trip I had the baby with me. I am very protective {read paranoid} about […]

What do you do if you can’t go home?

{Okay, that sounded worse than it was.} You go shopping. Today our community streets were sealed. Normally when a street is sealed they do one side at a time. Unfortunately the powers above decided to just do it all at once in our half. Living in a community where each property has about 4 acres […]

Rainbow Cupcakes and a day at the mall!

Remember how I told you I can’t cook? Well it was a totally truthful statement. I can’t cook and I don’t like to either… but I love to bake. I’ve seen these pretty little puppies {no idea why I used that term} popping up everywhere and I knew I had to make them. Rainbow Cupcakes!!!! […]

Have you ever noticed?

…How everyone is “frugal” in their own way? I was talking to a friend who reminded me that I am not frugal. “Not at all” she says… and she’s right! When I think of frugal I think of buying a used car and driving it till it dies. Isn’t that funny that this is what […]

New Rite Aid Ad Shopping Trip {Buying What We Want}

I still have a bunch of +Up’s to use {think over $100, down from a lot more} and I decided to spend them on stuff we want. Not stuff we need, not stuff that will make money, just good ‘ole stuff we want. I have some new goals to stock up on emergency items again […]

Rite Aid: Must Read, New Coupon Rule

I did a quick trip to one of my favorite Rite Aids yesterday. I thought it would be a quick, boring trip as I was only getting things we “wanted” not needed and I was going to blow through a bunch of +up’s. Once I started to pay I ran into trouble. I was using […]

Daily Money Saving Tidbit: Energy Edition

This is a repost from almost a year ago… seems fitting since gas is so expensive! I’ll have an update on our utility costs soon! As if being in a drought and an energy crisis wasn’t enough, fuel still costs a fortune! I decided to do a family challenge to save energy. I am showing […]

I’m BACK! {still not the right title}

Hi Coupon Friends! Every day I start another post about a coupon deal or my latest shopping trip, but I’m either stuck on the words or something inside my head stops me from finishing. I was talking to my husband about it and his response was the typical male analysis of the situation. His theory […]

For Japan With Love!

Sad. Need I say more? I’m participating in “For Japan With Love”. Today I’ll be thinking about Japan {as I have for days} and remembering how lucky I am. How will you spend today?

Loving Overage At Walmart… So much for free!

Wow! Can you say fun? I can. It sounds like W-A-L-M-A-R-T. I tested out the new coupon policy that says that you can use a coupon that is more than the cost of the item and the overage can be applied to the rest of your purchases. Actually it says that “change can be given” […]