Walmart Shopping Trip With Free Item Coupons

I’ve been saving up some free item coupons and I decided to pop into Walmart to use some of them. Sounds easy enough, right? It actually wasn’t too bad. I was buying 2 cans of formula and 11 jars of baby food. The cashier became really nervous once I handed her my coupons and called […]

Office Depot Arrowhead water deal

Just a quick peak at all the waters. 9 (20 ct) cases @ $3.99= $35.91ca. crv $9.00Total $44.91Coupons/discounts-10/20 coupon-11.97 buy 2 get one free saleTotal $22.94 This deal probably won’t work anymore. When I went on Thursday the coupon beeped and the manager gave me a million reasons why including that the water was already […]

Worth Reading Wednesday: Savings and Coupons Addition

Hi Coupon Friends, This weeks worth reading is a catch all. I’m going to start with a cool website I forgot about and then found again. Gift Card Granny compiles the prices of online discount gift card retailers so you can get the biggest discount. Every year I end up buying a bunch of gift […]

Rite Aid Candy Trip $45.21 for $ Better Than Free!

Okay, I felt like a big DORK doing this trip. Who buys tons of candy and baby food in one trip… ME! I had +Up’s expiring so I just bought what I could use and I was happy I didn’t have to run into the grocery store late in the week, but really, look at […]

Fun at Rite Aid today! $129.88 for $ Better Than Free (and news about the 5/25 coupon)

2 Transactions #13 Alka-Seltzer Plus Fast Crystal or Powder Packs 10 ct $13.174 Bayer AM $22.362 Loreal lash blast serum and mascara $19.42tax $3.93Total $58.88 This store asks sometimes if I’ll combine my transactions if they are busy and then I can use 2 or more 5/25 in one transaction if I spend enough. Coupons […]

I’m a winner!

No, I’m not a wiener… I’m a winner! I won at Energizer Bunny’s Mommy Reports! This past week when I was full of pain meds, stuck in bed and bored out of my mind I actually had time to enter giveaways. I love giveaways. I love to host them and I love to see when […]

Share your Stockpile Sunday!

Today’s sneak peak into a stockpile is “Coupon Friend” Vickie! I’ve heard that Vickie has an awesome stockpile of lots of things… and here we get a sneak peak at her diaper stockpile in her dining room! This is the sign of a real stockpiler! Shh… If you were to look into my dining room […]


Dear Coupon Friends, I’m back…. and SHOPPING! I’ll be posting again starting tomorrow! I already did a few trips today and I have lots to talk about. I’ll be answering emails and comments then too. A very public thank you for all the well wishes and get better soon emails! I appreciated them very much! […]

How can this little thing cause me so much trouble?

This, my coupon friends, is a kidney stone. This is not MY kidney stone. Mine refuses to come out. This is not my first kidney stone. 10 years ago I had my first child and first kidney stone. After months of bed rest and then a c-section, I “birthed” a kidney stone. Rinse and repeat […]

Worth Reading Wednesday: Target Edition

I just read this article. Go ahead and take a second to read it… I’ll wait… Okay, where do I start? I noticed this at my local Target (San Diego) awhile back and I immediately pointed it out to the cashier and than the customer service desk. I was buying Smart ones and using a […]