Rite Aid $79.18 for $2.20 and Got back $4 in +UP’s

2 Transactions- First store was out of butt paste. I was really sad. I almost cried. I got in my car and drove to another. I hit the jackpot. At least 15 butt paste. I can’t believe I’m excited about butt paste. Please don’t tell anyone. Yes, once I print more VV’s I’ll be buying […]

Rite Aid $44.96 for $.98 and Got back $8 in +UP’s

Quick run yesterday before last weeks ad was over. I was very happy to see rolaids so I ran out to the car to grab the rest of my coupons! Transaction #1 Kleenex fruit $1.49 Kleenex fruit $1.49 bengay $6.39 bengay $6.39 tugaboos $.79 tugaboos $.79 Garnier $6.29 Garnier $3.14 tax $1.73 total $28.50 Coupons […]

CVS $35.53 for FREE Got back $12 in ecb’s

I was down to $3 on this CVS card and I needed to take quick action to get it built back up. Why you ask? Well, no reason, I’m just crazy like that and it was bugging me that I was so CVS poor on this card! 2 Glad plug-ins $10 3 John Frieda $15 […]

New Ad Rite Aid Trip $63.98 for $3.70 Got $3 in +UP’s back!

I had 2 transactions all planned out. This is why I don’t post scenarios… they NEVER work out. As I’m driving to RA it hits me… what if they are out of xyz? For some reason it did not occur to me that I would not be able to buy everything that I needed to […]

Ever Wonder is it is REALLY worth buying useless stuff for their coupon value? PROOF inside!

Remember all the free Zegerid from Rite Aid awhile back? It was when the Zegerid was completely free after in ad coupon and manufacturer coupon (maybe there was a video value coupon too?). Well I “bought” 8 boxes. Each time I “bought” a box a $7 +UP would print. Each time I “bought” a box […]

CVS $30.17 for $3.18 (earned $12 e.c.b.)

Another Quick trip to CVS last night! 2 Glad plug-ins @ $5 = $10 3 John Fieda @ $5 = $15 2 Listerine @ $1.37 = $2.74 tax $2.43 Total $30.17 Coupons used $3 glade $3 glade $3 john frieda $3 john frieda $3 john frieda $1 listerine $1 listerine $9.99 ecb Total $3.18 Earned […]

CVS $64.30 for $3.95

I stopped at 2 CVS’s today. I was all excited for Walgreen’s… only to realize at the last second that I was really excited for next weeks ad, not this weeks ad. Our Airwick is $4.99 at 50% off so I skipped on picking those up. 2 transactions Trip #1 1 spinbrush pro refill @ […]

New Ad Rite Aid $44.24 for FREE

I took a quick walk through Rite Aid to see what I could find. The deals this week are not looking too great. I had some +UP’s expiring and I wanted to see what I could find in person. I was most excited for the Kleenex. The kiddos school always needs Kleenex and I resorted […]

Rite Aid Fun $127.40 of goodies & I Made $5.83 in cash and $16 in +UP’s

3 Transactions Transaction #1 2 Booths $10.06 1 Veet $5.35 2 St. Ives $2.58 1 Eucerin $5.99 1 Eucerine $15.49 2 Cottonelle $5.00 tax $1.99 Total $46.46 Coupons/discounts 5/25 6 booths 6 booths 3 in ad veet 3 veet mq 1 st. ives 1 eucerine 1 eucerine -15.49 eucerin bogo sale -1.29 st ives bogo […]

Walgreen’s Quick Trip $16.33 for $4.33

I had $12 in RR’s expiring so I made a mad dash to Walgreen’s (maybe it wasn’t quite that dramatic). Nothing and I mean NOTHING interested me this week so I stuck with what we actually needed (the horror). 3 Arrowhead waters $14.70 (including CA redemption value)1 large container of bubbles $1.50 (really NEEDED these […]