Just redeemed another $5 Amazon Gift Card from Swagbucks!

So I’m up to $10 in Amazon Gift cards in 8 days with Swag Bucks! I’ll be posting when I get more Swag because I didn’t join for a long time because I didn’t see how much you could really get! Don’t be a hold out like I was! Join today and we can both […]

I was a Swagbucks hold out.

Last Thursday (well the one before yesterday) I finally joined swagbucks. Yes, it took me forever to do it. Why? I don’t know. Laziness, reluctance, too busy? Maybe all of them. Finally I joined under the referral of a “coupon friend”. My sweet husband laughed at my ambition to be a “high earner”, but the […]

Rite Aid End Of Sale Week Trip $29.09 for $.09

2 Act II popcorns @ 1.86 = $3.72 9 Act II popcorns @ 1 = $9.00 3 Rolaids @ $1 = $3 1 tugaboo trial pack $.79 1 thermipaq $11.99 Tax $.59 Total $29.09 Coupons used 5/25 1 rolaid 1 rolaid 1 rolaid 4 in ad for thermipaq $16 in +UP rewards that were going […]

Does anyone know what happened to A Full Cup?

I just went the the website and it pulls up a hair blog…. hmmm!

Freebies in the mail!

The shopping has been slim this week. I have gone to RA once (will go again today) and CVS and Wags not once! I just got a $5/30 from CVS (check your email) so I might throw together a trip tomorrow… so I’ve been writing to companies instead and browsing FaceBook. A freebie girl like […]

Worth Reading Wednesday!

I love worth reading Wednesday! Here are my picks for the week! Aspiring Millionaire- has a great list of mystery shopping, online survey companies and marketing links. She lives in Australia, but a lot of her links are worldwide. It’s almost a self help guide, that’s realistic and helpful! Poor Girl, Eats Well- yummy food, […]

All I wanted was to send visine to a few good service men and women…

Yesterday the girls and I went to the Post Office. It’s tough to maneuver a stroller (we’re still using the big one) a 10 year old and an 8 year old… oh and myself too into the tiny post office. I love the people who work there (yes, they are even on my Christmas gift […]

New Rite Aid Trip. $79.05 for $4.31; Earned $11 in +UP’s

Well, this was the trip from hell. Really it was. I actually thought about calling Rite Aid and telling them to shove my +UP’s up their B$@(s! And then I remembered that my normal store is soooo awesome and so kind and that one person shouldn’t ruin my couponing. I won’t bore you with the […]

Giveaway Reminder! $100 worth of really cool stuff!

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