11 People You Must Have In Your Life
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11 People You Must Have In Your Life

11 People You Must Have In Your Life

People you must have in your life

I have learned that I can choose who I want and need in my life. The success I have found the past few years I contribute much to surrounding myself with people who enhance my life, support me, encourage me, guide me, assist me, and instruct me. This is my list of people you must have in your life to push you to success and give you peace of mind.

1. Spouse/Partner Finding a spouse to spend and share your life is one of the best decisions you can make. Make the journey of life with someone you absolutely love. Marriage is not always easy, but it is worth it.

2. Primary Care Doctor You need a good doctor that knows you and your medical history. Don’t just go to an urgent care for every medical need. A primary care doctor will be able to help you in a more specific way because he knows you personally and knows your medical history.

3. CPA A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a great person to have on your team. Not everyone is a wiz at numbers. A CPA can not only help with filing your taxes, but assist you in reaching your financial goals and making good decisions for your future.

4. Attorney No one really wants an attorney in their life. The circumstances for an attorney are rarely pleasant, but not knowing who to call to help you with legal issues is even less pleasant. A good attorney contact is definitely someone you need in your life.

5. A Counselor There are times when you need help. Whether for your marriage, children, life decisions, or just working through your own issues, have a good counselor you can go to who will listen and also give good guidance. They don’t always have to be paid professionals, but a professional counselor would be good too.

6. Best Friend You need a good, close friend who knows you in your life. Someone who will laugh and cry with you. Someone who has your back and you have theirs. Best friends don’t have to talk every day, but they know when to step in and be there for you and with you.

7. Hairstylist An easy way to ruin your day is with a bad haircut. A good hairstylist can put you at ease and help you feel and look great! Finding a new hairstylist is hard. Hang on to those good ones!

8. Role Model/Mentor Role Models don’t have to be TV stars or superheroes and aren’t just for kids. They can be an older couple with a great marriage who have done a good job raising their kids or someone with drive and success you admire. Give yourself a good role model to follow. Remember: You don’t have to BE them. Just LEARN from them.

9. Accountability Partner No one likes to be bugged and held accountable for things in our lives. But sometimes we need someone who will take on the job of encouraging us and pushing us to keep to the goals and decisions we made. They can’t be afraid to confront us when we stop or push us to go a little further then we think we can. Accountability partners can help keep us on track with a new diet, quitting smoking, saving money, and so much more. 

10. Mechanic If you have a car, then you need a mechanic. There are so many mechanics out there that either don’t know what they are doing or will charge you for things you do not need. Make friends with a good mechanic! Know that you have someone qualified and reliable to help you keep your vehicle in good working condition.

11. Handyman You may be able to tinker around and beg your dad to help fix a minor plumbing problem or broken outlet. Know a good handyman who can do the big repairs. If your furnace breaks in the middle of winter you will be very glad to have a handyman in your life!

Who else would you add to your list of people you must have in your life?


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