10 Ways Smiling Will Improve Your Life

10 Ways Smiling Will Improve Your Life

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This morning I was sitting in the waiting room at my daughters Pediatricians office. We were in the “sick” area and we all looked like walking zombies with no sleep and worry in our eyes. Right before our name was called I looked up and made eye contact with another mom. We both smiled at each other. What happened next was exactly what I needed. The feeling of “you are not alone” and “don’t worry” seeped into mt thoughts like a ray of sunshine. No words were spoken… they were not even needed.

I love how something so simple as a smile can change your life like it did this morning. It’s free to smile. It’s easy to do and it can change your life and others around you. Let’s talk about smiling more…

Here are 10 more ways smiling will improve your life:

  1. SMILE- It’s the easiest way to spread happiness.
  2. SMILE- It relieves stress.
  3. SMILE- It makes you look even prettier.
  4. SMILE- It feels good.
  5. SMILE- It is a natural immune system booster.
  6. SMILE- It makes you look younger.
  7. SMILE- It lowers your blood pressure.
  8. SMILE- It connects you with others.
  9. SMILE- It will instantly boost your mood! It is impossible to smile and not feel at least slightly happier than you were before you smiled.
  10. Smile- It simply make life better!

My challenge to you… take a moment and share a smile… and see what happens!


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