10 Things Mothers Must Teach Their Sons
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10 Things Mothers Must Teach Their Sons

10 Things Mothers Must Teach Their Sons


Things Mothers Must Do

Boys are different. They get dirty, fight, burp, rough house, break things, and have intensity that is immeasurable. They are ruff & tuff, and although each of them are a little different, there are some important things that we Mother’s MUST teach our sons! If we do… well, the world, and your future daughter-in-law, will thank you.

1. Take a shower, use deodorant, trim your nails. Boys are naturally a little more smelly. You may need deodorant at FIVE! Play hard, work hard, get dirty. And when you are done… clean up! (And please, change your underwear!)

2. Manners are for everyone. Please, Thank You, and a polite demeanor is appropriate behavior at all times. Bathroom humor, however, is usually NOT appropriate.

3. Basic tool knowledge. Not every boy is going to be a DIY genius, but every boy should know how to use a screwdriver and hammer and follow basic assembly instructions. Girls need to know all this too!

4. Treat every girl with respect, not just the ones you want to go on a date. Form good habits with treating women respectfully. You may be talking to a future spouse and not know it, plus it’s the right thing to do- always!

5. Don’t just talk like a man… Be a Man! Put up or shut up! A lot of boys talk, real men put action to their words.

6. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. It’s okay to cry, be afraid, be uncertain. It’s even okay to let people know that you aren’t a super hero 24/7.

7. Use good aim when you pee. Someone has to clean it up… Might even be you cleaning it up!

8. Don’t be a bully, but defend the one being bullied. Don’t stand by and let others be abused. And if you get punched, then by all means, DEFEND YOURSELF! 

9. The stove, dishwasher, vacuum, iron, and washing machine all can be used by men! Momma is not always going to clean up after you. Time to learn now how to take care of the essential things in life. (ps. Cooking & cleaning is very attractive!)

10. Choose quality over quantity when it comes to friends. Peer pressure is a real thing. Choose to surround yourself with people who will push you to be a good man and good leader.

What else should we teach our boys?


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